Pathfinder Defects

Number Description   Resolution
1 After installation, execution of Pathfinder fails with an error message reporting that the file Shdocvw.dll is absent.   Pathfinder requires the presence of Internet Explorer version 4 or version 5. You need not use Internet Explorer as your browser, but it must be installed on your PC.

Internet Explorer is available at no charge from; its a very large download.

2 When operated with screen resolutions of 640x480 or 800x600, clicking on the maximize control in the upper right corner of Pathfinder's window results in program termination with the error message Runtime error 384.   3.0.0
3 When operated with screen resolutions of 640x480, the browser's vertical scrollbar and the search buttons along the right margin of Pathfinder's window are truncated in appearance.   3.0.0
4 Country-specific callbook button appears when a country-specific callbooks is unavailable 4.0.2
5 Defects in Callbook error reporting 4.0.5
6 Callbook QTH field is missing state, zipcode, and country 4.0.5
7 Improper formatting of QTH information in the Windows clipboard 4.0.5
8 If prefixes.txt is reported as missing from the search directory, subsequent attempts to search for QSL information will generate runtime errors 4.0.8
9 Auto checkbox is not properly initialized when a search dialog is displayed 4.1.5
10 Recover gracefully if initial Greetings page display is aborted 4.1.6
11 prevent resize from triggering an infinite loop 4.1.6
12 search file editor mishandles control characters 4.1.7
13 DDE Activate doesn't place window on top 4.1.8
14 if is down, the ensuing timeout while downloading the search file update information causes an overflow error 4.1.8
15 unchecking a search's Auto checkbox is ineffective 4.1.9
16 gracefully handle a corrupted "date of last update" from the Windows Registry 4.2.0
17 shutdown when instructed to do so by Windows shutdown 4.2.2
18 don't steal focus when directed to perform a web search while minimized 4.2.4
19 eliminate race condition in callbook lookup handler 4.2.8
20 RAC search is inoperative (regression introduced in 4.2.9) 4.3.0
21 ensure that focus moves to the Target Callsign textbox after a search is initiated by clicking a search button or striking a function key 4.3.1
22 update window title bar after a RAC search 4.3.3
23 ensure that all search tooltips mention that CTRL-click can be used to modify search settings 4.3.4
24 correct errorlog.txt entry in "log debug info" implementation 4.3.7
25 eliminate errorlog.txt entry generated by PathfinderForm.FocusTimer_Timer 4.3.8
26 set Configuration window title 4.4.0
27 tolerate bad registry values for Callsign and URL 4.4.0
28 tolerate bad registry values for Debug 4.4.1
29 if the online callbook URL for is not specified, or doesn't contain {TargetCallsign}, use the default URL 4.4.2
30 don't enforce window width and height restrictions if "use dual monitors" is enabled 4.4.2
31 verify that URL in Browser.DocumentComplete matches requested URL; if not, ignore it 4.4.4
32 tolerate extraneous spaces in the start or end of the URL 4.4.8
33 once Auto is enabled for RAC, it will always be enabled for RAC on subsequent startups unless another Search is set to Auto 4.4.9
34 store the "last update" date and time in ISO format 4.5.1
35 when performing a QRZ callbook lookup, handle the case where the user is logged in and looking up his or her own callsign 4.5.3
36 when performing a QRZ callbook lookup, handle the ex-callsign case properly 4.5.4
37 when performing a QRZ callbook lookup, handle the case where QRZ has no information 4.5.5
38 when performing a QRZ callbook lookup, handle 3-line addresses 4.5.6
39 when performing a QRZ callbook lookup, remove trailing commas from address lines 4.5.6
40 ensure that the Callsign box regains focus and displays its cursor after a search is completed 4.5.8
41 ensure that the Callsign box displays its cursor whenever it gains focus 4.5.9
42 when performing a QRZ callbook lookup, ignore all information after the Details table 4.6.2
43 when processing a callsign substitution, remove slashes if the substitution will be inserted into the active part of a URL 4.6.3
44 ensure the Main window's vertical slider is fully visible when running on Windows 7 and Vista 4.6.4
45 display asterisks in the Configuration window's password box 4.6.9
46 correctly handle a QRZ lookup where the results are for a callsign other than the one requested  4.6.9
47 when logging in to and waiting for the page containing the Login panel, ignore 4.7.2
48 properly extract ID from <DIV> tag when performing a callbook lookup 4.7.3
49 place cursor focus in target callsign after automatically logging in to 4.7.4
50 prevent logging in to from causing all subsequent lookup operations to grab cursor focus 4.7.4
51 properly handle incoming GetQSLInfo and GetCallbookInfo DDE commands while a QRZ login is in progress 4.7.5
52 correct "Hide script error notification" tooltip 4.7.9
53 prevent an errorlog entry generated in PathfinderForm.SetCallsignFocus 4.7.9
54 refuse to start if an instance is already running 4.8.0
55 ensure that the QRZ URL, username, and password are saved to the Windows Registry 4.8.4
56 ignore leading or trailing spaces in the specified username and password 4.8.5
57 correct text of error message displayed when a attempting to determine a callsign's DXCC entity when no Prefixes.txt file was available 4.8.5
58 correct defect in QRZ callbook lookup 4.9.1
59 ensure that when a horizontal scrollbar is displayed, it's fully visible 4.9.3
60 properly handle callsigns for which returns "primary only for"  5.0.4
61 don't rely on a .reg file association to obtain action from the Registry Editor 5.0.7
62 properly notify the Launcher when terminating after updating the browser emulation 5.0.8
63 properly handle QRZ lookups of callsigns that contain a slash 5.0.8
64 initiate automatic QRZ login after browser emulation has been established   5.2.1
65 correctly handle a search library update when started with "automatic QRZ login" enabled while already logged in to   5.2.2
66 optimize the tab order on Pathfinder's Main window   5.2.3
67 optimize the tab order on Pathfinder's Configuration window   5.2.4
68 close files if errors occur while they are open   5.2.7
69 gracefully handle the arrival of a GetCallbookInfo directive when a previous directive is still in progress   5.2.7
70 gracefully handle the arrival of GetCallbookInfo or GetQSLinfo directives when a previous directive is still in progress   5.2.8
71 gracefully handle the arrival of GetCallbookInfo or GetQSLinfo directives when a previous directive is still in progress   5.2.9
72 correct a regression in 5.2.9 that resulted in DXKeeper receiving incorrect callbook results   5.3.0

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