Pathfinder Enhancement Requests


Number Description Version implemented
1 add search year field for year-specific searches like DXS 4.0.3
2 add Radio Amateur Callbook (Flying Horse) search 4.0.4
3 expanded display of Callbook QTH information 4.0.6
4 CTRL-click of Callbook email address creates new mail message 4.0.6
5 improved online help, accessible via ? button 4.0.7
7 responds to Test and Shutdown DDE messages 4.1.2
8 {LowerTargetCallsign} substitution for lower-case callsign 4.1.3
9 support WinWarbler integration (WinWarbler version 2.3.1 or later) 4.1.3
10 make Back and Forward buttons do reasonable things when Radio Amateur's Callbook search results are visible 4.1.3
11 add an Auto checkbox to each Pathfinder Search dialog box that, when checked, designates that search as to be invoked whenever a callsign is received from another DXLab application (the search so designated is indicated by an underlined caption on its search button) 4.1.4
12 extend enhancement #11 to the Radio Amateur's Callbook (RAC) search 4.1.5
13 obtain and remember the users callsign for use in searching sites that require it 4.1.6
14 restore or minimize main window on command from other DXLab applications  4.1.7
15 Inform the DXLab Launcher (version 1.0.6 or later) when the main window's windowstate (normal, miminized, or maximized) changes 4.1.8
17 support DXLabTest as a client 4.2.0
18 optionally retain the position of windows on a secondary monitor between sessions 4.2.0
19 CTRL-X clears the target callsign and the browser window 4.2.5
20 provide Help and Config buttons 4.2.6
21 accept and process QRZ callbook lookup queries via DDE 4.2.6
22 improved handling of QRZ callbook lookups 4.2.7
23 extract QSL Manager from QRZ callbook lookups 4.2.8
24 provide a HC button that is enabled after a search of a callsign containing one or more slashes that when clicked repeats the last search on the callsign's home callsign 4.2.9
25 enable the HC button to work with RAC searches 4.3.0
26 depressing the ALT button while clicking a search button or striking a function key performs a "home call" search 4.3.0
27 replace RW1QM with IK3QAR as a default search 4.3.5
28 respond to a DDE directive to reset all windows to the primary monitor 4.3.5
29 provide a "Log Debugging Info" option 4.3.6
30 reference search updates from 4.3.8
31 change "Callsign" label in Config window to "Your Callsign" 4.3.9
32 provide the option to not display status information in the Main window title bar (Vista workaround) 4.4.3
33 after downloading a search library update that includes an updated prefixes.txt file, load the updated prefixes rather than require the user to terminate and restart 4.4.5
34 decode the new display format 4.4.6
35 decode the new display format 4.5.2
36 decode the new display format 4.5.7
37 replace defunct default searches with active searches 4.5.8
38 update default URL 4.6.0
39 ignore leading or trailing spaces in search URLs 4.6.2
40 when performing a QRZ callbook lookup, capture and return CQ zone, ITU zone, and Web page URL information when provided 4.6.2
41 adapt to change in format for information displayed on its Details tab, which includes the grid square, US State, US County, CQ zone, ITU zone, and web page URL 4.6.5
42 adapt to change in format for "QSL Via" information 4.6.6
43 adapt to change in format for detail information 4.6.7
44 provide the option to hide script error notifications 4.6.7
45 provide the option to automatically log in to at startup 4.6.8
46 provide the option to display a warning when directed to perform a callbook lookup while not logged in to 4.6.8
47 adapt automatic login to change in format 4.7.0
48 return US county in callbook lookup 4.7.6
49 if when performing a callbook lookup of a callsign containing a slash the results are for the base callsign as signified by ? before the callsign, then return "not found"  4.7.7
50 if when performing a callbook lookup of a callsign containing a slash the results are for the base callsign as signified by : before the callsign, then return "not found"  4.7.8
51 adapt to change in format for automatic login 4.8.0
52 adapt to change in format for name and address information 4.8.1
53 adapt to change in format for name information 4.8.2
54 adapt to change in login mechanism 4.8.3
55 enhance tracking and reporting of whether user is logged-in to 4.8.4
56 include "Geo Source" information in the information sent to DXKeeper in response to a lookup 4.8.5
57 adapt to change in QRZ 4.8.6
58 adapt to login change in QRZ 4.8.7
59 adapt to db>lookup change in QRZ 4.8.8
60 eliminate URL from the Configuration window 4.8.9
61 extract the email address from web pages 4.9.2
62 extract "last modified" date from web pages 4.9.4
63 provide the ability to specify a username and password 4.9.4
64 tolerate an invalid search folder filename retrieved from the Windows Registry 4.9.5
65 change QRZ URL from lookup to db 4.9.6
66 adapt to change in 4.9.7
67 adapt to change in 4.9.8
68 handle QRZ callbook lookups with an alias 4.9.9
69 handle secondary callsigns 5.0.0
70 adapt to change in 5.0.0
71 adapt to  login change in 5.0.1
72 adapt to  login and email change in 5.0.2
73 adapt to "primary only for" change in 5.0.3
74 adapt to HTTPS change in 5.0.5
75 provide the ability to update the Internet Explorer Emulation level used to display web pages to match the installed version of Internet Explorer 5.0.6
76 handle QRZ lookups of callsigns containing slashes 5.0.9
77 with "use multiple monitors" enabled, relocates to the primary monitor any window that isn't being displayed on a monitor 5.1.0
78 work around Microsoft OS version reporting defect so that Windows 10 is properly reported in errorlog.txt file startup headers 5.1.0
79 when run for the first time on a computer, displays Pathfinder's License for the user's acceptance 5.1.1
80 provides a button to display Pathfinder's License 5.1.1
81 provides a button to display Pathfinder's errorlog.txt file 5.1.1
82 adapts to change in QRZ URL usage to prevent mouse cursor stealing 5.1.3
83 adapt to new QRZ login mechanism 5.1.4
84 when directed to perform a QRZ callbook lookup, report when unable to access QRZ  5.1.5
85 on startup with automatic QRZ login enabled, suppress the request for a blank web page 5.1.6
86 after logging in to, interpret an advertising page as a successful login 5.1.7
87 permit searches when aQRZ login is in progress 5.1.8
88 permit callbook lookups when a QRZ login is in progress 5.1.9
89 retract 86, 87, 88; if auto QRZ login is enabled, first navigate to to determine whether already logged in; if not, initiate auto-login 5.2.0
90 if auto QRZ login is enabled, first navigate to the user's QRZ page to determine whether already logged in; if not, initiate auto-login 5.2.1
91 adapt to change in 5.2.5
92 successfully extract the name and address from a page when a nickname is specified 5.2.6
93 compensate for changes to nickname rendering 5.3.1
6 print address labels
16 provide the ability to search a local folder containing files whose name contains a datestamp
19 ability to search the Hamcall and QRZ callbook CDROMs



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