SpotCollector Defects

Number Description Version corrected
1 the caption of Size Limit panel (on Database Tab of Configuration window) is incorrect; the value shown is the current number of entries in the Spot database 1.0.1
2 Spot database window "color coding" sometimes flickers or disappears 1.0.1
3 Spot database entries should capture all origins (rather than the most recent origin) and be filtered accordingly 1.0.4
4 Spots don't appear on the DXView world map, despite correct filter settings 1.0.1
5 Disabled DX cluster and/or IRC windows appear after startup 1.0.1
6 Band, mode, and origin filters fail to initialize properly
7 double clicking on a spot in a Telnet DX Cluster window does not properly initialize the DXKeeper Capture window 1.0.3
8 no Spot Database entries are created when run from locales using dd/mm/yyyy date formats 1.0.6
9 frequencies are displayed improperly when run from locales using the comma as a decimal separator 1.0.6
10 clicking First or Last Spot Database navigation button with an empty Spot Database produces a runtime error 1.0.7
11 clicking on a Spot Database entry fails to QSY the transceiver when run from locales using the period as a thousands separator 1.0.8
12 clearing the spot database resets the spot filter and sort order 1.1.1
13 Selecting a different Telnet cluster to serve as the Spot destination fails to clear the previous cluster's Spot radio button 1.1.2
14 delimiters (e.g. +, -, <, > ) are stripped from notes 1.1.5
15 SpotCollector doesn't regain access to the current log's progress table after DXKeeper completes a Recompute Progress operation 1.1.6
16 Spots generated by a SH/DX are captured without the QSO mode 1.1.9
17 Runtime error when run on Japanese Windows 1.2.0
18 Improper handling of frequency in non-English locales results in improper band and mode assignments 1.2.2
19 corrects defect introduced in 1.1.9 that can produce "illegal use of null" program errors 1.2.6
20 saves web server parameters between sessions 1.2.7
21 spot database window size is not preserved between sessions 1.3.0
22 bandmodes.txt file contains extra linefeeds 1.3.1
23 deactivating main window generates runtime error if spot database display is empty 1.3.3
24 the Need filter works incorrectly when all boxes on the Awards tab of DXKeeper's Config window are unchecked 1.3.3
25 the spot database prune date fails in non-English locales 1.3.5
26 overflow error in clustermodule.processincoming 1.3.6
27 spot database grid column order is not preserved 1.3.6
28 double-clicking on a spot database entry with a split frequency does not properly set the transceiver's VFO-B when running from a European locale 1.3.8
29 double-clicking on a DX spot in a telnet cluster window does not properly QSY the transceiver when running from a European locale 1.3.8
30 Various windows have random tab order 1.3.9
31 spots from the CQDX IRC channel are not captured if you connect to the channel #CQDX instead of CQDX 1.4.0
32 spots erroneously rejected as "too old" because month and day of current time are reversed during certain date ranges on certain XP systems  1.4.3
33 macro button captions are not displayed when a packet, IRC, or cluster window is first enabled 1.4.7
34 connecting to packet clusters via nodes, e.g. 'db0mdx v db0sm', results in spots not being recorded in the spot database 1.4.7
35 TNC model listbox is not populated unless the PacketCluster spot source is enabled 1.4.8
36 don't display PacketCluster window if TNC serial port is in use 1.5.0
37 disable Spot button if no spot source is selected 1.5.0
38 disable Outgoing Spot selector for disabled spot sources 1.5.0
39 the Reset button on the Config window's Display Fonts tab does not reset Packet Cluster colors to their default values 1.5.2
40 Show 0 as option doesn't work 1.5.2
41 pre-configuring a connection to the CQDX telnet cluster is inappropriate for packetcluster users without an internet connection 1.5.3
42 run-time error after initially entering Callsign on some systems 1.5.3
43 PacketCluster font and background colors are not remembered between sessions 1.5.3
44 WWV panel caption omits time 1.5.5
45 results from SH/WWV don't update the WWV panel or PropView if they are more recent that the current values 1.5.5
46 Packet cluster font and background colors are set to black the first time SpotCollector is run after installation 1.5.6
47 QSX frequencies with more than 10 digits generate an errorlog.txt file 1.5.7
48 defect introduced in 1.5.7 prevents hyphens in cluster login fields from working correctly 1.5.8
49 an incoming spot with an illegal (e.g. non-numeric) frequency causes a type mismatch report in errorlog.txt 1.5.9
50 results of a SH/WWV command aren't captured for 1-digit dates 1.5.9
51 a spot request via WinWarbler when no spot source is selected results in an errorlog entry 1.6.0
52 the DXCC country name popup that appears when the mouse cursor hovers over a DXCC prefix in the Spot Database window displays incorrect county names for certain DXCC prefixes 1.6.0
53 automatically generated Prune dates are incorrect 1.6.0
54 terminating SpotCollector via the Windows Task Manager, but logging off the current Windows user, or by shutting down Windows loses the Band, Filter, and Mode settings 1.6.1
55 user modifications to the spot database grid display's column order are retained without distorion 1.6.3
56 spot database grid display column selections are not reset by incoming spots 1.6.3
57 whenever the spot database window loses focus, the spot database grid display is set to autoscroll mode  1.6.3
58 webserver doesn't handle appended port# (e.g. http:/ ) 1.6.6
59 can't close Statistics window 1.6.7
60 Continent filter window tooltips are ambiguous 1.6.8
61 Mode filter button tooltip is incorrect 1.6.8
62 Spot Database grid font metrics are not saved between sessions 1.6.8
63 Continent statistics routine generates errorlog entries when the continent is indeterminate 1.6.9
64 on startup, spot statistics for previous hour's spots (if any) are incorrect if filters were in force when SpotCollector was last shutdown 1.7.0
65 band, mode, continent, and origin filters do not properly initialize on startup (regression introduced in 1.6.6) 1.7.3
66 the results of SH/WWV are not properly captured when running a non-English locale 1.7.3
67 UpdateSpotStatistics loop 1.7.4
68 Need filter displays spots of stations already worked 1.7.4
69 handle illegal Config settings without termination 1.7.4
70 Spot Statistics are invalid in the origin filter is not set to All 1.7.6
71 Requery log recordset when a new log entry is added 1.7.5
72 Compact the Spot Database at startup, and whenever it is cleared 1.7.5
73 Eliminate unnecessary database actions when updating an existing Spot Database entry 1.7.5
74 when conveying a spot to DXView, send the timestamp from the spot rather than the current PC's time 1.7.7
75 generating a spot from locales not using . as the decimal separator will fail 1.7.8
76 gracefully handle spots whose frequency is a single decimal point 1.8.0
77 results of SH/WWV from a packetcluster uses the font color specified for TelnetCluster WWV results rather than PacketCluster WWV results 1.8.0
78 always look for the solar history file SolarHistory.txt in SpotCollector's folder 1.8.2
79 immediately save Band Filter, Mode Filter, Origin Filter, and Continent Filter changes, rather than wait until SpotCollector is terminated 1.8.2
80 in the Solar History display, the lower bound for the A index axis can be incorrectly computed, resulting in A values plotted below the Date axis  1.8.2
81 leading or trailing spaces appended to cluster or IRC addresses prevent connection 1.8.3
82 eliminate error that can occur when the Spot Database is empty 1.8.7
83 don't automatically enable the logging of diagnostic information when an error occurs 1.8.7
84 eliminate regression in Spot Database display 1.8.8
85 ignore WWV spots whose SFI, A, or K parameters are out of their defined ranges 1.9.1
86 correct error Solar History K axis that occurs with very large A 1.9.1
87 immediately "repaint" Spot Database Display after a double-click 1.9.1
88 Spot Statistics not visible 1.9.3
89 correct regression introduced in 1.9.1 that prevents the capture of SH/WWV results from Telnet or Packet clusters running CLX software 1.9.6
90 error when displaying Config window 1.9.7
91 changes to the Audio Alarm sound pathname entered via the keyboard aren't saved between sessions 1.9.7
92 Show Control Explanations checkbox setting isn't saved between sessions 1.9.7
93 Gracefully handle and report an already-open web server port 1.9.9
94 when examining the results of a SH/DX operation on a telnet cluster or packet cluster, extract the date from the spot rather than assume "today" 2.0.0
95 after the a left-click on a Spot Database entry, wait half a second before performing a DXView lookup  to be sure that the left-click isn't the first-half of a double-click 2.0.1
96 text pasted into a cluster window transmit pane is invisible on some systems 2.0.1
97 gracefully handle spots with bogus frequencies 2.0.2
98 KG4XXX calls are from the US fourth call area, not Guantanamo 2.0.4
99 Spot Database tooltips should be suppressed if the Spot Database is empty 2.0.5
100 Don't require Commander to be running in order to perform a Spot from DXkeeper's Capture window 2.0.6
101 Frequency filter fails in non-English locales 2.0.7
102 Striking an ESC in the PacketCluster window appends the escape character to the end of the transmit window and repositions the cursor to the beginning of the transmit window rather than inserting the ESC at the selected position 2.0.8
103 Unneeded spot database entries are rendered in black rather than in the color specified on the Config window's Display Fonts panel 2.0.8
104 The web server generates an Errorlog.txt entry if the spot database is empty 2.0.8
105 double-clicking on a RTTY spot database entry initializes DXKeeper to the RTTY transceiver mode (which might be set to USB) rather than RTTY 2.1.0
106 spelling error in DXCC tooltip 2.1.0
108 always set windowstate to normal before saving window position; then restore windowstate 2.1.0
109 KL7 origin should be NAW, not SA 2.1.1
107 PSK spot database entries should be flagged as "needed" for RTTY 2.1.2
110 eliminate "reasonability" restrictions on the rate at which the A index can change 2.1.2
111 for spots by NA stations not in K, VE, or KL7, use CQ zones to determine whether they are in NA-E, NA-M, or NA-W 2.1.3
112 DXCC prefix not provided to DXKeeper when in log filter is "entity" (regression introduced in 2.1.8) 2.1.9
113 "up 1" QSX is improperly computed (regression introduced in 2.2.1) 2.2.2
114 save changes to Cluster, IRC, and Packet window font setting immediately, rather than waiting for SpotCollector shutdown 2.2.3
115 DX clusters incorrectly auto-reconnect in certain circumstances 2.2.4
116 initialize Cluster and IRC font settings on startup rather than waiting for Cluster window or IRC window initialization 2.2.4
117 when first installed, wait to display the Main window until the user has specified a callsign 2.2.4
118 correctly handles 'Simplex' in Spot notes of a new spot database entry 2.2.4
119 save Cluster and IRC setup parameters when they are changed, rather than at program termination 2.2.5
120 FM mode spots are announced as "Martinique" 2.2.6
121 KG4 2x1 callsigns are in the US, not Guantanamo 2.2.7
122 ZC4 spots are announced as Cyprus rather than "Cyprus UK Military Bases" 2.2.7
123 correct frequency alignment in Spot Database report 2.2.9
124 never transmit slashed zero characters to telnet clusters, IRC clusters, or packet clusters 2.2.9
125 save Packet setup parameters when they are changed, rather than at program termination 2.2.9
126 /CTCP dxs sh/wwv 30 in the IRC window fails if executed during January 2.3.4
127 Spot report generates errorlog.txt entries 2.3.5
128 a spot database entry created by a spot whose origin is hidden by the origin filter will not be announced when a later spot is received from a non-hidden origin 2.3.6
129 the ZC4 announcement contains extraneous information 2.3.6
130 SpotDatabaseUI.FetchRowStyle generates an errorlog.txt entry when encountering null database fields 2.3.7
131 recognize "SSB" as a legal mode when inspecting spot notes 2.3.8
132 "up X" where X is larger than 32767 generates an errorlog.txt entry 2.3.9
133 double-clicking on a Spot Database Entry disables autoscroll, but the "move-to-last" arrow is not enabled until the next spot arrives 2.4.0
134 the Filter panel caption is erroneously initialized to "None" 2.4.0
135 the Mode and Continent filter windows should not be resizable 2.4.0
136 ensure that the Spot Database Grid is selected when the user clicks the record selection column so that striking the Delete key deletes the entry 2.4.1
137 double-clicking on a Spot Database Entry doesn't update Pathfinder with the callsign if DXKeeper is running and there are previous QSOs with the spotted station 2.4.2
138 spot notes conveyed in spots from other DXLab applications should appear in the spot notes textbox, not appended to the callsign textbox 2.4.3
139 terminate by unloading all members of the Forms collection rather than invoking End 2.4.5
140 set QSX to 0 before directing WinWarbler to QSY if "Set Xcvr Split" is disabled 2.4.6
141 SpotCollector fails to close correctly on some systems (regression introduced in 2.4.6) 2.4.7
142 When shutting down, send each connected Telnet cluster a "Bye" command before terminating the connection 2.4.9
143 the Web server should respond to a WebDAV methods with a "501 not implemented" response 2.5.0
144 When disconnecting from a cluster, only send a "Bye" command if the telnet connection is still connected 2.5.2
145 checking wrong DXKeeper registry entry for PSK award enablement 2.5.4
146 prevent incoming spots from reversing the relocation of a spot database column 2.5.6
147 SpotDatabaseModule.SpotGridScrolled generates an errorlog.txt entry 2.5.8
148 if Autoscroll is disabled or a column move is in progress, display a blue "Autoscroll Disabled" indicator and keep the Spot Database Display stable by not displaying new Spot Database entries; if new spot database entries arrive while Autoscroll is disabled, change the color of "Autoscroll Disabled" from blue to red. 2.5.9
149 eliminate errorlog.txt entry from UpdateKeyboardHeight in ClusterDisplayModule, IRCDisplayModule, and PacketDisplayModule 2.6.1
150 FormatLogDisplay can replace the current column widths with default widths 2.6.3
151 Autoscroll is autonomously re-enabled by the next new Spot Database Entry after the Spot Database Display's Column widths are adjusted or after the currently-selected Spot Database Entry is clicked 2.6.3
152 Use 10mHz to choose between USB and LSB 2.6.4
153 the DXCC entity for a callsign bearing a /N where N is a single numeric digit should be determined by substituting N for the right-most digit in the prefix (rather than the left-most digit) 2.6.5
154 characters pasted into a cluster, IRC, or packetcluster window's Keyboard pane using a CTRL-V do not appear, though they are present 2.6.5
155 properly decode the DXCC entity of callsigns like KG4XXX/B, KC4AAA/QRP, and KC4/AA6YQ when DXView isn't running 2.6.6
156 send expanded spot information in DDE command to WinWarbler so that it can generate outgoing DDE Commands to DXKeeper and Pathfinder (rather than let SpotCollector do this, which caused a race condition) 2.6.7
157 work around missing "Z" in times received from #CQDX that were generating spurious QSX frequencies 2.6.7
158 if attempting to read progress from the currently-open log's progress table fails, try to recover by closing and then-reopening that log 2.6.7
159 the Forward navigation button works correctly 2.6.8
160 ensure that retrying dead servers doesn't interfere with in-progress cluster connections 2.7.0
161 when the Band filter is set to "transceiver band only", a new frequency should only update the band filters if the band has changed 2.7.1
162 eliminates excessive CPU consumption when resizing the Main window 2.7.4
163 if the response to a SH/DX contains no spots notes but its predecessor specified a QSX, the Spot Database entry will be erroneously created with the predecessor's QSX 2.7.5
164 suppress any QSX whose band doesn't match that of the DX station's transmitting frequency 2.7.5
166 use HTTP format filenames when invoking the browser on a help file 2.7.6
167 don't sent spots to Commander that don't survive the current Band Filter 2.7.7
168 do not update Spot Database progress when DXKeeper logs a QSO to a log other than the one SpotCollector is referencing for award progress  2.7.8
165 certain actions cause the Spot Database to temporarily lose its font colors 2.7.9
166 from a prefix-mapping perspective, treat callsign/N where N is an integer great than 9 as callsign 2.8.0
167 eliminate mapping of KC4XXX to Antarctica; let the DXCC database identify individual Antarctic calls  2.8.1
168 deletion confirmation causes application crash (regression introduced in 2.8.2) 2.8.3
169 for callsigns of the form A/B, if the length of A is equal to the length of B, then A designates the DXCC entity 2.8.4
170 clicking on a column to the left of the Callsign column disables autoscroll 2.8.4
171 Striking characters in the IRC window’s transmit pane before a connection is made causes a runtime error 2.8.5
172 don't display tooltips when the mouse cursor hovers over unused portions of the spot database display 2.8.5
173 correct defect that can result in duplicate spot database entries in response to sh/dx 2.8.5
174 "play intro on startup" appears on all Config window tabs 2.8.7
175 correct regression introduced in 2.8.5 that causes inconsistent updates of existing spots in pruned spot databases 2.9.1
176 ensure the spot database is properly rendered after a change in filter 2.9.3
177 when determining whether a callsign has been previously worked in PSK, include PSK63 QSOs 2.9.4
178 working a previously-needed PSK station does not properly update the spot database entry color 2.9.4
179 on startup, ensure that left-most column is visible 2.9.5
180 reject illegal web server request as "unsupported" 2.9.6
181 ignore callsigns containing an apostrophe 2.9.9
182 reduce spotgrid celltips delay to overcome intermittency 2.9.9
183 request a frequency update from Commander before generating a spot 3.0.0
184 prohibit excessive font sizes in the Spot Database display 3.0.0
185 correct miscoloring of RTTY and PSK Spot Database entries 3.0.0
186 with DXView not running, properly decode callsigns of the form  RA3XX/6/P 3.0.1
187 enable login to the $CQDX IRC cluster with a callsign beginning with a number 3.0.2
188 disable the popup menu's Request Propagation Forecast item if DXView isn't running 3.0.3
189 mark automatic DXView update requests as ignorable 3.0.4
190 correctly handle the case where DXView clears the LotWDatabase filename 3.0.5
191 eliminate errorlog.txt entry generated by HiddenFilterUI.UnHideCmd_Click when the Spot Database Display is empty 3.0.7
192 eliminate errorlog.txt entry generated by SpotDatabaseUI.SpotGrid_Click when right-clicking a header row 3.0.7
193 send the correct mode specification to Commander and WinWarbler when CW-R is selected 3.1.2
194 if the mode is not specified in the spot notes, determine it from DX station's transmit frequency, not the QSX frequency 3.1.3
195 a "force rejection" error occurring when attempting to connect to a telnet cluster should not generate an errorlog.txt entry 3.1.6
196 if a spot's callsign is overridden, it should not be considered a match with existing spot database entries created before the override was specified 3.1.8
197 if the specified spot database filename doesn't exist and can't be created, inform the user but don't generate an errorlog.txt entry and don't allow the DAO datasource selection windows to appear 3.1.9
198 extract QSX frequencies from local spot notes submitted via WinWarbler 3.1.9
199 use operator location in spot database entries generated or updated by the user's spots 3.2.0
200 properly combine spots for which an entity override is active into a single spot database entry 3.2.6
201 CTRL-clicking an SQL filter button should ensure that the SQL Filter window is not minimized 3.2.7
201 properly deduce the DXCC entity of callsigns like VU4AN/VU3ABC 3.2.8
202 compensate for CQ-DX failure to insert a space between callsign and spot notes if callsign is greater than 12 characters in length  3.2.9
203 correctly implement the initial cluster command for PacketClusters 3.3.3
204 when a spot database entry is clicked or double-clicked, ensure that the specified callsign is sent to DXView 3.3.5
205 ensure that clicking the last spot database entry sends the specified callsign to DXView  3.3.6
206 don't send initial cluster command when performing a cluster keep-alive operation 3.3.7
207 ensure that "clear spot database on startup" works reliably 3.3.9
208 correct band and mode filter initialization regression introduced in 3.3.9 3.4.0
209 properly spot to IRC from external applications 3.4.1
210 '"unhide" IRC window when its LED control is clicked 3.4.4
211 if the spot database cannot be compacted on startup, inform the user rather than generate an errorlog.txt entry 3.4.6
212 eliminate an errorlog.txt entry that can be generated by DDEServerModule.Enqueue 3.4.7
213 correctly compute CountryProgress 3.5.1
215 prevent an errorlog.txt entry from being created when saving an empty Special Call List 3.5.3
216 prevent an errorlog.txt entry from being created when clearing or sorting an empty Special Call List 3.5.4
217 when creating an entity override by right-clicking on a Spot Data Entry, force the Config window to show its Entity Overrides tab 3.5.4
218 on web pages generated by the web server, set the font color of  verified Spot Database Entries to green, not red 3.5.4
220 leading or trailing spaces on an entity override callsign should not prevent a match with a spotted callsign 3.5.4
219 on web pages generated by the web server, specify the use of a non-proportional font to ensure column alignment 3.5.5
214 ensures that the selection of a Spot Database Entry is not altered by incoming spots 3.5.6
215 preserve spot notes when the transceiver's frequency or split changes 3.5.8
216 prevent spurious DXView lookups 3.5.9
217 correctly update spot notes when the transceiver's frequency or split changes 3.6.0
218 don't disable spot dequeueing if the user clicks on a Spot Database column heading 3.6.2
219 re-enable spot dequeueing after a column move operation 3.6.3
220 if the Spot Database pathname is invalid, display a message rather than generating an errorlog.txt file 3.6.5
221 correctly update Spot Database Display font colors after invoking the Next Spot or Previous Spot functions 3.6.7
222 correct a defect that results in a verified Spot Database entry being colored as confirmed after a QSO is logged 3.6.7
223 receipt of an outgoing spot via DDE should enable autoscroll if it was disabled 3.6.9
224 correct DDE cluster spot regression in 3.6.9 3.7.0
225 DDE commands to generate outgoing cluster or local spots should not cause SpotCollector to steal focus 3.7.2
226 click the AutoScroll Disabled indicator should reliable enable AutoScrolling when the indicator is blinking 3.7.2
227 don't generate an errorlog.txt entry when the user changes the spot database entry row height 3.7.4
228 if the user changes the spot database entry row height, remember it between operating sessions 3.7.4
229 improve wording in Award Progress window 3.7.7
230 when conveying a propagation forecast directive to PropView, include the frequency 3.7.9
231 don't enforce window width and height restrictions if "use dual monitors" is enabled 3.8.1
232 set cluster status display to red during all telnet errors 3.8.2
233 when creating an entity override via the right-mouse menu, convey the information to DXView 3.8.4
234 prevent an errorlog.txt entry when clicking a cluster window's Disconnect button (regression introduced into 3.8.3) 3.8.4
235 don't generate an errorlog.txt entry if the user right-clicks below the last spot database entry 3.8.5
236 correctly validate a cluster connection when the specified user name does not exactly match the specified operator callsign 3.8.5
237 ensure that the cumulative spot notes window fully displays its vertical and horizontal scroll bars when needed 3.8.7
238 properly convey spots of tagged special callsigns to Commander 3.8.8
239 when activating a 60m SSB spot, direct Commander to set the transceiver mode to USB 3.9.2
240 a split frequency placed in the outgoing spot notes should not include a thousands separator, as it prevents the resulting spot notes from being properly parsed on arrival 3.9.3
241 when creating a spot database entry whose callsign has an entity override, determine the continent from the entity override, not the callsign 3.9.4
242 when the web server receives an incorrect command, send back an explanatory error message 3.9.6
243 when announcing a callsign, properly handle a forward slash or a backslash 3.9.7
244 properly announce a callsign containing a 3.9.7
245 reduce the probability that a new spot will be added to the Spot Database Display just as the user is clicking or double-clicking 3.9.9
246 ensure that a DXView lookup initiated by clicking on a Spot Database Entry is not altered by a simultaneously incoming Spot Database Entry 4.0.2
247 eliminate redundant prefix lookup (introduced in 4.0.2) 4.0.3
248 use synchronous lookup when an automatic Propview forecast is to be generated 4.0.5
249 properly announce special callsigns 4.0.7
250 include the maximum distance to spotting station in newly-created spot database entries 4.0.9
251 correct spot station locations for Canadian callsigns
  • VE9 => NA-E
  • VE0 => unknown (maritime mobile)
  • VY0 => NA-M (Nunavut)
  • VY1 => NA-W (Yukon)
252 correct spot station locations for Canadian callsigns
  • VY0 => NA-E (Nunavut)
253 change OMX and OMDX column headings to OMX and OMDX 4.1.2
254 correct spotting station locations for Canadian callsigns
  • VY2 => NA-E (Prince Edward Island)
  • VE6 => NA-W
  • VE8 => NA-W
255 ignore WWV spots whose solar flux index is less than 64 4.1.4
256 with the Band filter's "Enable Start/End & Max Origin DX Filtering" enabled, the spot database display scrolls to display new spots even if autoscroll is disabled  4.1.6
257 when reporting award status for bands not tracked by DXKeeper, report band status as "not tracked" 4.1.7
258 replace inactive default spot sources, correctly label KS4Q 4.1.7
259 eliminate errorlog.txt entry caused when generating an outgoing spot via PacketCluster 4.1.8
260 correct type mismatch in CallGridDatabaseModule.USCallArea 4.2.0
261 KC4 callsigns not found in the USAP database should not map to Antarctica  4.2.1
262 KG4 callsigns not of length 5 should not map to Guantanamo 4.2.1
263 Callsigns like N6TR/7 should return a generic 7-area location rather than perform a USAP lookup on N7TR 4.2.1
264 USAP database lookups of stations in Washington DC should return a state of Maryland 4.2.1
265 correctly update SpotterGrid and distance to SpotterGrid in existing Spot Database Entries 4.2.3
266 eliminate errorlog.txt entry generated from SpotDatabaseModule.Dequeue claiming that SpotGrid is null 4.2.5
267 eliminate errorlog.txt entry generated by NotesForm.Form_Resize 4.2.6
268 eliminate errorlog.txt entry generated by ClusterUI.Form_Resize, IRCUI.Form_Resize, and PacketUI.Form_Resize 4.2.6
269 handle case where search for previous spots immediately after spot database prune does not encounter BOF 4.2.9
270 ensure that single-clicking the last spot database entry immediate conveys the entry's callsign to DXView 4.3.0
271 correctly compute CountryWorked progress when DXKeeper reports a change in progress 4.3.3
272 don't set a Spot Database Entry's "Band Worked" or  "Country Worked" fields to 'Y'  unless "Band Progress" is 'W' 4.3.4
273 don't set a Spot Database Entry's "Mode Worked" or "Country Worked" fields to 'Y'  unless "Mode Progress" is 'W' 4.3.4
274 prevent PSK QSOs from incorrectly being colored as "needed" 4.3.4
275 ensure that Sunrise and Sunset times provided by DXView in the Band Filter window are displayed with 4-digit UTC times 4.3.4
276 don't interpret the results of a SH/WCY command as WWV data 4.3.5
277 revert to always updating BandWorked and ModeWorked items 4.3.7
278 restore #272 and #273 4.3.8
279 modify log database query that produced inaccurate "worked before" results on some systems 4.3.9
280 regression in 4.3.9 if a spot's mode is specified in the spot notes, don't override it with the mode determined by the spot's QSX frequency 4.4.0
281 when an entity override is created via DXView, ensure that it is immediately applied 4.4.1
282 don't display tooltips in the Spot Database Display if the "show control explanations" option is disabled 4.4.3
283 immediately disable processing of queued spot database entries when MouseDown event occurs 4.4.3
284 capture all select spot information simultaneously to prevent skew 4.4.4
285 correct defect in 4.4.4 that caused double-clicking a spot database entry to be ignored in some cases 4.4.5
286 correct defect in 4.4.5 that premature re-enables incoming spot processing while a double-click remains possible 4.4.6
287 when processing a Spot Database Entry double-click, disable the pending lookup generated by the first click 4.4.7
288 update the Spot Database Display after adding a new entry in a manner that does not cause the display to flicker 4.4.8
289 eliminate errorlog.txt entry generated by PacketUI.ConnectCmd_Click when no packet callsign is specified 4.5.0
290 increase performance of FormatLogGrid by eliminating references to the Windows Registry 4.5.0
291 don't generate an errorlog.txt entry if the web server can't listen because the address is in use 4.5.1
292 eliminate overflow errorlog.txt entry in WebServer_DataArrival 4.5.1
293 eliminate overflow errorlog.txt entry in ClusterUI.DoConnect 4.5.1
294 increase timeout on Commander DDE items to 30 seconds; if a timeout occurs when generating a spot, report this to the user rather than generating an errorlog.txt entry 4.5.1
295 eliminate spot database references in SpotDatabaseUI.SpotGrid_FetchRowStyle 4.5.1
296 tolerate invalid display settings recovered from the registry on startup pre-initializing to defaults 4.5.3
297 prevent an errorlog.txt entry from being generated when double-clicking the Spot Database Display's caption row 4.5.4
298 correct regression in Spot Database Display column order persistence 4.5.6
299 tolerate bogus input to Common.IsInteger 4.5.7
300 when dx and/or spotter gridsquares in spot notes are ambiguous, ignore them rather than guess 4.5.7
301 in the Special Callsign list, treat tags comprised only of spaces as if they were empty 4.5.9
302 correctly handle Special Callsign checking for spotted callsigns containing a / 4.5.9
303 prevent the Connect button caption on the Config window's General tab from becoming unreadable after the button is clicked 4.6.2
304 when invalid settings are discovered in the registry, update the registry with default values and create errorlog.txt entries if "log debugging info" is enabled 4.6.5
305 prevent errorlog.txt entry generated by SpotDatabaseModule.InsertCumNotes when spotting callsign is longer than 13 characters 4.6.8
306 prevent errorlog.txt entry when spot source caption is larger than 13 characters 4.6.8
307 disable the Maximize button in all spot source windows 4.6.8
308 maintain the the Spot Database Display's horizontal scroll positions 4.6.9
309 don't generate an errorlog.txt entry when encountering a prefix not contained in the DXCC database 4.7.0
310 properly interpret SS and SR in the Band filter window 4.7.0
311 prevent errorlog.txt entry in XCCDatabaseModule.GetLocationContinent 4.7.2
312 consult the USAP database when inspecting KH1, KH3, KH4, KH5, KH7, and KH9 callsigns 4.7.3
313 eliminate the need to terminate DXKeeper and Commander before the Launcher can upgrade SpotCollector 4.7.3
314 if a band filter start or end time is invalid, change its font color to red rather than clear it 4.7.4
315 preserve the current Spot Database Filter when compacting the Spot Database 4.7.5
316 when the "Date & Time Sort Order" panel is set to "Descending", properly implement the VCR-like controls governing the position of the selected Spot Database Entry 4.7.8
317 clicking the Filter panel X button while depressing the CTRL key should disable the LotW and eQSL filters 4.7.9
318 clicking the "Autoscroll Disabled" warning should correctly reposition the Spot Database Display when sorted in descending order 4.8.0
319 playing the incoming Talk/Private message alert should not require audio announcements to be enabled 4.8.1
320 don't consider responses to /CTCP <IRC Robot> commands to be private messages 4.8.2
321 eliminate the need to surround SQL substitution commands like <NEEDFILTER> with parenthesis 4.8.3
322 for PSK31 spots "detected" by frequency rather than spot note, change mode to PSK 4.8.4
323 improve decoding of callsigns of the form part1/part2 where part2 is a single letter 4.8.5
324 ensure that all PSK31 spots are recorded with a mode of PSK 4.8.5
325 properly implement Olivia mode filtering 4.8.8
326 save SpotGrid height in Windows Registry after the "Set Row Height" function is invoked 4.8.8
327 correct erroneous SQL expression for need when Need Filter is set to Unworked 4.9.1
328 correctly extract the spot time from the result of a SH/DX packetcluster command when running in a non-English locale 4.9.2
329 correct regression in coloring of special callsigns 4.9.3
330 when a DX gridsquare is obtained from spot notes, recompute the azimuth based on this grid square 4.9.5
331 when expanding a <file:> substitution command, append a "line feed" to each line before sending it to the cluster 4.9.5
332 if the web server is enabled, restart it after pruning or clearing the spot database 4.9.6
333 if the user selects the "create entity override" right-mouse menu entry but all entity overrides are in use, displays a message informing the user 4.9.7
334 if the web server's attempt to send an HTML page is rejected, restart the web server 4.9.7
335 ensure that LotW and eQSL membership are correctly conveyed to Commander's bandspread 5.0.0
336 don't convert asc 216 (slashed zero) characters in outgoing cluster messages to asc 48 (zero) when operating with a code page that doesn't define asc 216 as "slashed zero" (e.g. Central Europe, Cyrillic, Greek, Hebrew, Arabic, Baltic, Thai, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Traditional Chinese) 5.0.2
337 on startup, don't recreate an override that was deleted via DXView while SpotCollector wasn't running 5.0.4
338 when creating an override, clear all of the override's components after setting the callsign 5.0.4
339 when a QSO is logged, properly update the Needed field of each affected Spot Database Entry 5.0.4
340 when creating an override, direct DXView to clear the override's expiration date component after setting the callsign 5.0.6
341 correct tab order on Config window's Override tab 5.0.7
342 populate an override when striking the Enter key with focus in the override's entity selector, not when striking a letter key 5.0.7
343 trim information from overrides to fit in spot database fields 5.0.8
344 prevent an errorlog.txt entry from being generated by SpotDatabaseModule.InsertCumNotes 5.0.9
345 prevent errorlog.txt entry generated in SpotDatabaseUI.SpotLastCmd_Click 5.1.0
346 reduce CPU and memory resource consumption 5.1.1
347 eliminate unnecessary Log recordset requery 5.1.2
348 ensure that the Spot Database Display's vertical scrollbar is fully visible on Vista and Windows 7 systems 5.1.2
349 reduce resource consumption when web server is disabled 5.1.2
350 make depressing the CTRL key while clicking the prev or next spot buttons behave properly when the Spot Database Display sort order is ascending 5.1.3
351 correct defect in CTRL-Prev-Spot and CTRL-Next-Spot 5.1.4
351 prevent the Spot Database Display's row height or font size from exceeding reasonable values 5.1.5
352 prevent errorlog.txt file entry when clearing the Spot Database due to regression introduced in 5.1.5 5.1.6
353 prevent errorlog.txt entry generated by WebServerModule.DisplayField 5.1.7
354 while loading or saving a special callsign file, change the mouse cursor to an hourglass 5.2.0
355 correct regression in spot database creation 5.2.0
356 don't generate an errorlog.txt entry when updating an empty Special Callsign database 5.2.2
357 correct regression in Spot Report that causes incorrect data to be displayed 5.2.3
358 correct regression that causes Hide/Unhide to not work 5.2.4
359 accelerate LocaleInfo.GetLocaleANSICodePage 5.2.5
360 ensure that the vertical scrollbar in spot source windows is fully visible on Vista and Windows 7 systems 5.2.6
361 depressing the CTRL key while clicking the Filter panel X button should display all Spot Database Display entries without clearing the Band, Mode, Origin, and Continent filters and changing each Spot Database Entry's Hidden field to 'N' 5.2.7
362 don't announce CQ zones if realtime award tracking for WAZ is disabled in DXKeeper 5.2.7
363 tolerate registry errors when restoring previous session values for process priority and operator location 5.2.8
364 recover gracefully if DXKeeper's specified mode definition file does not exist 5.2.9
365 correct a regression in 5.2.9 that prevents spot activation when DXView isn't running 5.3.0
366 gracefully recover when restoring a corrupted integer value from the Windows Registry 5.3.2
367 prevent errorlog.txt entry generation in SpotDatabaseModule.UpdateProgress, State = 24 5.3.4
368 prevent errorlog.txt entry generation in SpotDatabaseModule.DoProgressRecomputation, State = 7 5.3.4
369 replace < and > with escaped characters in web server output 5.3.5
370 when creating a Spot Database Entry, properly initialize the fields representing the regions from which the entry was not spotted 5.3.6
371 if the Spot Database Display was sorted by double-clicking a column header, then subsequently clicking one of the 6 Sort panel buttons should reset the Sort panel caption 5.3.7
372 when updating an existing Spot Database Entry with a spot that has no spot notes, recover the DXGrid and SpotterGrid from the existing Entry before directing DXView to plot the spot 5.3.7
373 handle country codes in the range of 900..999 5.3.9
374 include the DXCC entity when checking to see if a callsign has been worked before 5.3.9
375 when loading a special callsign list, detect an entry whose callsign or tags are too long, inform the user, and ignore the entry 5.4.2
376 disable the processing of incoming spots while performing a prune operation 5.4.2
377 prevent an errorlog.txt entry from being generated by ClusterUI.HandleIncomingData 5.4.3
378 prevent an errorlog.txt entry from being generated by SpotDatabaseModule.RecordSpot 5.4.3
379 tolerate the arrival of more than 32K characters in a telnet packet 5.4.4
380 with the Freq filter enabled, don't direct Commander to clear its Bandspread window when the transceiver QSYs without changing bands 5.4.4
381 replace defunct default spot sources with active ones 5.4.6
382 eliminate loop in SpotDatabaseModule.AddOrigins 5.4.6
383 suspend input processing when dequeueing is requested 5.4.7
384 only suspend input processing when immediate dequeueing is requested 5.4.9
385 prevent errorlog.txt entry in DXSolarModule.LoadSolarHistory 5.5.1
386 prevent errorlog.txt entry in SpotDatabaseModule.RecordSpot from null mode 5.5.2
387 prevent errorlog.txt entry in SpotDatabaseModule.InsertCumNotes 5.5.2
388 correct pop-up explanations in "RTTY spot" and "non-RTTY Digital spot" panels to properly reflect PKT/PKT-R and Data-L/Data-U choices 5.5.3
389 prevents a double-click in the Spot Database Display from being missed in certain circumstances 5.5.3
390 the defaults for the pursuit of marathon country-bands, country-modes, zone-bands, and zone-modes should be disabled, not enabled 5.5.5
391 prevent an errorlog.txt entry from being generated in SpotDatabaseModule.UpdateProgress 5.5.7
392 correctly reposition horizontal positioning when updating the Spot Database Display 5.5.9
393 correct regression that allows previously-deleted columns to appear in the Spot Database Display 5.6.0
394 correct the explanatory popup that appears when the mouse cursor hovers over a callsign in the Spot Database Display to take into account "band sought" and "mode sought" for the DXCC, Marathon, and WAZ awards 5.6.1
395 correctly announce needed CQ zones 5.6.2
306 the Continent filter's All and None buttons should correctly update the Antarctica checkbox 5.6.4
307 properly update the Spot Database Display when a CQ region like Kosovo is worked 5.6.8
308 immediately re-filter the Spot Database Display after updating progress in response to a new QSO being logged 5.6.8
309 revert to the earlier implementation of UpdateSpotDisplayRecordsets 5.6.8
310 ensure that the Spot Database Display is immediately updated when DXKeeper reports that a QSO has been logged 5.6.8
311 restore the higher-performance  implementation of UpdateSpotDisplayRecordsets 5.6.9
312 when notified of a logged QSO by DXKeeper, properly update Marathon progress if one or more band or mode certificates is being pursued 5.6.9
313 Web Server should display WAZ and Marathon need coloring 5.7.0
314 correct JT6M box in Mode filter 5.7.1
315 inform the user when the log file specified for award checking cannot be opened 5.7.2
316 properly set the "ModeWorked" spot database field for non-RTTY modes that count for DXCC RTTY awards, and the "CQZModeWB4" spot database field for non-RTTY modes that count for DXCC RTTY or DXCC Digital awards 5.7.2
317 prevent a spot whose spot notes contain BPSK or BPSK31 from being improperly highlighted as needed 5.7.3
318 properly handle the case where realtime Marathon award tracking is enabled and a logged QSO with a DXCC entity that contains CQ countries is modified to specify no region code 5.7.4
319 eliminate an errorlog.txt entry from WebServerForm.Webserver_DataArrival 5.7.5
320 when a spotted station's DXCC entity or CQ zone cannot be determined, properly set the spot database entry's WAZ and Marathon progress fields 5.7.5
321 properly display award tracking for an entry whose DXCC entity or CQ zone could not be determined 5.7.5
322 correctly re-enable automatic scrolling when the Spot Database Display is empty, the "Date and Time sort order" panel is set to "descending", and the user clicks the blinking "autoscroll disabled" indicator or the |< button. 5.7.6
323 refuse to start if an instance is already running 5.7.6
324 prevent errorlog.txt file entry in SpotDatabaseModule.UpdateProgress, State = 5 5.7.7
325 prevent a spot database entry from being considered "needed for Marathon" if it doesn't specify a valid DXCC entity 5.8.0
326 if during startup the spot database pathname specifies a nonexistent drive, inform the user rather than generate an errorlog.txt file 5.8.1
327 correct the explanatory popup displayed by the Filter panel's Needed button 5.8.2
328 correct a regression in 5.8.1 that causes Marathon Zone Progress to be incorrectly recorded in each Spot Database Entry 5.8.2
329 if Realtime Award Tracking for Marathon is enabled, Spot Database Entries that are verified for DXCC and WAZ and not needed for Marathon are colored as "confirmed" instead of "verified" 5.8.3
330 prevent errorlog.txt entry creation by DeleteSpecialCallsignEntryCmd_Click 5.8.4
331 prevent errorlog.txt entry creation by Config.SpecialCallSortCmd_Click 5.8.4
332 when DXKeeper logs a QSO with a station, correctly update Spot Database Entries with that station's DXCC entity and CQ zone 5.8.5
333 when an SQL filter is activated when the Freq filter is active, prevent the Freq filter from being reactivated when the transceiver QSYs 5.8.6
334 prevent an errorlog.txt file entry from being generated by SpotDatabaseUI.DoEnableAutoScrollWorker 5.9.0
335 when saving SQL filters to the Windows Registry, replace line breaks with <CRLF>; when restoring SQL filters from the Windows Registry, replace <CRLF> with line breaks 5.9.3
336 improve the accuracy of very short and very long distance calculations 5.9.4
337 when directed to edit an SQL filter, automatically display the correct filter bank in the SQL Filter window 5.9.4
338 with DXLab configured for Realtime WAZ award tracking and the Digital box checked in the "WAZ Bands & Modes" panel on the Awards tab of DXKeeper's Configuration window, properly updates a Spot Database Entry whose CQ zone is needed in a digital mode when the Entry's callsign is worked in PSK31 5.9.5
339 with DXLab configured for Realtime WAZ award tracking and the Digital box checked in the "WAZ Bands & Modes" panel on the Awards tab of DXKeeper's Configuration window, don't erroneously flag a PSK31 spot as needed if the spotted station has already been worked in PSK31 5.9.6
340 correct regression in QSX extraction introduced in 5.9.7 5.9.8
341 prevent a web server port error from generating continuous errorlog.txt entries 5.9.9
342 eliminate an errorlog.txt file entry from being created in Config.IRCDisplayColorCmd_Click when the "Error message" button is clicked in the IRC sub-tab of the Configuration window's "Spot Source Display" tab 6.0.0
343 only replace empty outgoing spot notes with "RTTY" if the transceiver's reported mode is RTTY and Commander is running 6.0.2
344 prevent overflow in ClusterModule.ParseNotes when a QSX greater than 2,147,483,647 is spotted 6.0.2
345 compute QTH latitude and longitude as the center of the specified grid square rather than its southwest corner 6.0.3
346 prevent errorlog.txt file entry from being generated in ClusterModule.ParseNotes 6.0.3
347 don't replace DIGI with RTTY in the Award Tracking window 6.0.5
348 add space before frequency in Display Spots right-mouse menu entry 6.0.6
349 properly generate an HTML web page when the "Date & Time Sort Order" panel is set to Descending 6.0.7
350 if the web server receives "peer is closing", reinitialize the web server so a new request can be accepted 6.0.9
351 enable SQL filtering to work correctly when Commander is connected, but the transceiver has not yet reported a valid frequency 6.1.1
352 prevent an errorlog.txt entry from being generated in Config.Form_Load with state=1 6.1.5
353 prevent multiple decimal points from being entered in the Refresh Interval setting 6.1.6
354 tolerate invalid settings for Spots Per Page or Refresh Interval specified by the web interface 6.1.6
355 respond to an invalid HTTP command with 410 GONE 6.1.7
356 don't disable and restart the Web Server when clearing or pruning the Spot Database 6.1.9
357 properly sort the Spot Database Display after a Prune operation 6.1.9
358 prevent bandspread updates from interfering with the web server 6.1.9
359 properly sort the Spot Database Display after a Compact operation 6.2.1
360 after clearing the Spot Database, display the left-most column of the Spot Database Display 6.2.2
361 after navigating in the Spot History, display the left-most column of the Spot Database Display 6.2.4
362 after invoking the "Set Row Height" function, display the left-most column of the Spot Database Display 6.2.5
363 prevent automatic pruning from moving mouse cursor focus to the Main window's Filter textbox 6.2.6
364 don't auto-prune if the pruning interval is less than half an hour (.0208333 days) 6.2.7
365 when loading a Sub-band definition file, inform the user if any lower-bound or upper-bound frequency is erroneous 6.3.0
366 re-create errorlog.txt file if it was deleted while the application was running 6.3.5
366 correct regression in 6.3.5 that sets spot modes to USB and LSB 6.3.6
367 prevent re-entry in UpdateSpotRecordsets 6.3.8
368 correct error in Need SQL 6.4.0
369 correct "Marathon need" description in Spot Database Entry tooltips 6.4.1
370 properly update the DXCC award progress of PSK31 spot database entries when a new QSO is logged 6.4.2
371 if sending a spot via IRC generates an IRC error, inform the user rather than create an errorlog.txt file entry 6.4.5
372 prevent an errorlog.txt entry from being created when processing a spot note like "QSX 50100 up" 6.4.9
373 correct a regression introduced in version 6.4.6 that prevents E or W from being entered in the Operator Location Longitude 6.4.9
374 prevent incorrect characters from being added to the Email Alarm's outgoing email address  6.5.3
375 prevent email alerts from being sent when disabled 6.5.4
376 in web page generated by the web server, display single quotes as double quotes in the filter panel textbox 6.5.5
377 in web page generated by the web server, display single quotes as single quotes in the filter panel textbox 6.5.6
378 in web page generated by the web server, properly display SQL filter buttons for which no caption has been specified 6.5.6
379 eliminate gap in "Audio Alarm" tab's "Alarm Announcements" panel 6.5.7
380 when operating from a non-English locale, use period as a decimal separator in spot notes that convey a QSX frequency 6.5.8
381 correctly determine whether a callsign to be added to the Special Callsign list is too large 6.5.8
382 correctly handle a Spot Database Entry whose IOTA group, DXGrid, US State, or WPX Prefix is null 6.6.1
383 correctly color Spot Database Entries when realtime CQ Marathon tracking is enabled 6.6.2
384 realtime VUCC tracking should only consider DX stations with accurate grid squares obtained from spot notes or overrides 6.6.3
385 remove unnecessary leading comma from "not needed" in Realtime Award Tracking window 6.6.4
386 correct defect in the setting of "worked before" fields for IOTA, VUCC, WAS, WPX 6.6.4
387 in the "Realtime Award Tracking" window, specify "award mode group" rather than spotted mode 6.6.5
388 ignores the US State determined by a USAP lookup of a callsign that contains a slash 6.6.5
389 AM and FM count as Phone for Marathon 6.6.5
390 prevent an errorlog.txt entry from being created by SpotDatabaseModule.UpdateProgress state 7 6.6.6
391 realtime VUCC tracking should Consider DX stations with grid squares obtained from any source (reverse #384) 6.6.6
392 DXKeeper's "WAS Mixed" and "WPX Mixed" award settings not properly accessed 6.6.7
393 the Need field is not correctly updated after working a spotted station 6.6.7
394 after CTRL-X in Filter panel, audio and email alerts are incorrectly suppressed by Band filter settings 6.6.7
395 prevent errorlog.txt entries in SpotDatabaseModule.RecordSpot states 28 and 30 caused by NULLs in the DXGridSource of Spot Database Entries created by earlier versions of SpotCollector 6.6.9
396 prevent errorlog.txt entries in SpotDatabaseModule.RecordSpot states 1211 and 3010 caused by NULLs in the DXGridSource of Spot Database Entries created by earlier versions of SpotCollector 6.7.0
397 correct regression in coloring of Special Callsigns 6.7.0
398 don't announce or send an email notification for a Spot Database Entry that is hidden 6.7.2
399 correctly implement Club Log Leaderboard competition criteria 6.7.3
400 correctly update a Leaderboard Spot Database Entry for which a QSO has been logged 6.7.4
401 ignore IOTA tags in spot notes that are inconsistent with a spotted callsign's continent 6.7.5
402 correctly update a Spot Database Entry with a needed US State for which a QSO has been logged 6.7.6
403 the right-mouse menu "Lookup" command should activate DXKeeper's Main window 6.8.3
404 correctly expand SQL filter substitutions like <agefilter> when leading or trailing blanks are present 6.8.4
405 detect and correct an improper recomputation filter received from DXKeeper 11.6.2 or earlier 6.8.4
406 if sending an email alert message fails, retry once before disabling email alerting 6.8.4
407 dont' generate an errorlog.txt file entry if no DXKeeper log is present, or if "seek everything" is selected 6.8.5
408 correctly color Spot Database Entries whose zone-band-mode is needed for WAZ 6.8.6
409 correctly implement BandModeAwardSought for WAZStatusString.Update 6.8.6
410 correctly set the CQBandModeSought field when creating a new Spot Database Entry 6.8.6
411 restore font in "Color codes" panel to correct size 6.9.1
412 ensure that that all buttons and panels are visible in the spot source windows 6.9.2
413 remove leading and trailing spaces from email and server addresses specified on the Configuration window's email tab 6.9.3
414 consider RTTY as counting for WAS Digital awards 6.9.4
415 properly compute the "zone worked before" field 6.9.5
415 properly compute the "zone worked before" field 6.9.6
416 for WAS award tracking, consider DC to be MD 6.9.8
417  when another SpotCollector window has mouse cursor focus, eliminate the need to activate SpotCollector's Main window before clicking a button 6.9.9
418 correctly include spot notes in an email message triggered by an SQL expression 7.0.0
419 when Commander QSYs, correctly update its bandspread with spots for the new band 7.0.1
420 correct a regression in 419 7.0.2
421 prevent an unnecessary errorlog.txt file entry 7.0.3
422 when performing a Recompute, only consider VUCC grid squares whose source is designated as valid in the Grid Sources for VUCC" panel on the Configuration window's General tab  7.0.3
423 when a Spot Database Entry whose grid source is not valid is updated by a spot that provides a grid source designated as valid in the "Grid Sources for VUCC" panel on the Configuration window's General tab, re-evaluate the Entry's VUCC award status 7.0.4
424 prevent the addition of a Special Callsign List entry whose callsign is already present on the Special Callsign List 7.0.5
425 prevent the creation of Special Callsign List entries with null fields 7.0.6
426 prevent an errorlog.txt file entry from being generated by SpotDatabaseModule.GetTags when no Special Callsign List is present 7.0.8
427 correctly recover from failure caused by a bad SQL filter in UpdateSpotRecordsets 7.1.0
428 correctly recover from failure in UpdateSpotSortRecordset 7.1.1
429 correctly sort the Special Callsign List 7.1.2
430 when creating a Spot Database Entry, clear the CountryWorked field in cases where its value is not determined 7.1.4
431 tolerate invalid QSX frequency 7.1.4
432 tolerate excessive QSX frequency in spot notes 7.1.5
433 when determining the likely mode of a DX station from its operating frequency when the station is split, use the DX station's transmit frequency, not its QSX  7.1.6
434 assigns no DXCC entity to callsigns of the form A/B/MM and A/B/AM 7.1.6
435 prevent Spot Database Entry from being considered for WAS if DXCC entity isn't K, KL7, or KH6 7.1.7
436 ensure SpotNeed is updated if it is changed when a QSO is logged 7.1.7
437 when a QSO is logged, correctly update the Needed field for DXCC and WAZ status 7.1.8
438 correctly update an existing spot database entry's QSX when a "simplex" spot is received 7.1.9
439 correct defect in longpath computation for Azimuth tooltip 7.2.1
440 change criteria for determining if a frequency lies within a sub-band from "less than or equal to the upper bound" to "less than the upper bound" 7.2.3
441 eliminate a redundant lookup directive to DXView when double-clicking a Spot Database Entry 7.2.5
442 prevent an invalid SQL filter when striking Enter in the Propagation window's the "DX active during last 24 hours" panel with no distance specified 7.2.6
443 correct regression in 7.2.2 that prevents acquisition of mode from spot notes when enabled 7.2.7
444 correct regression in 7.2.6 that makes a tag column visible in the Special Callsign list 7.2.7
445 if opening the web server produces a "requested address is a broadcast address, but flag is not set" error (10013), inform the user rather than generate an entry in the errorlog.txt file 7.2.9
446 prevent flicker in Spot Database Display background coloring when updating Spot Database Entries with an SNR forecast 7.3.3
447 don't initiate an SNR Prediction Request while one is already in progress 7.3.4
448 disconnect from PropView if an SNR Prediction Request is not fulfilled within 60 seconds 7.3.4
449 properly dequeue pending SNR Prediction Requests 7.3.5
450 don't request SNR Predictions for Spot Database Entries for which a prediction has already been requested 7.3.5
451 properly enable SNR Prediction controls 7.3.5
452 ensure that SNR Predictions are updated hourly 7.3.5
453 don't enqueue SNR Prediction requests when PropView isn't running 7.3.7
454 when restoring a window's position with "use multiple monitors" enabled, properly determine whether or not the window can be displayed on a physical monitor 7.3.7
455 replace eQSL.wav and zone.wav sound files with files that specify a codec that can be played on all systems 7.4.0
456 includes announcement files for DXCC entity-prefixes changed in DXCC Database version 2.5.2 7.4.0
457 restores the "Actions with Digital Mode Application connected" panel to the Configuration window's General tab 7.4.0
458 remove trailing spaces from the names of bands defined in the sub-band definition file 7.4.2
459 ensure that override modifications are conveyed to DXKeeper 7.4.4
460 when Commander is not running, disable the "QSY to ..." command in the Spot Database Display's right-mouse menu 7.4.6
461 correctly interprets spot notes of the form "mode up" or "mode down", e.g. "RTTY up" 7.4.6
462 limit the number of Spot Database Display columns to the number of Spot Database fields 7.4.7
463 when inspecting spot notes, don't consider JT44, JT65,. or MT63 to be an NPOTA park code 7.4.8
464 properly determine the call area of spotting stations that contain a / in their callsign 7.4.9
465 with IOTA realtime award tracking enabled, properly handle an active station whose reported IOTA tag changes 7.5.0
466 correct the tab order in the SQL Filter window 7.5.1
467 correctly interpret "Heard in XX" when it terminates the spot notes 7.5.2
468 properly report QSX when spot notes are of the form "<mode> up" or "<mode> Down" 7.5.5
469 prevent the Main window's Filter panel caption from being cleared 7.6.0
470 don't activate DXKeeper or WinWarbler until DXView has processed all async prefix lookup requests 7.6.3
471 don't issue lookup requests until DXView has processed all async prefix lookup requests 7.6.4
472 properly flag the PrefixLookup and GridUpdate directives issued when requesting automatic DXView update 7.6.5
473 prevent double-clicking of Spot Database Entries from being locked out when under heavy load 7.6.6
474 prevent overflow in ClusterModule.ParseNotesForInfo with large number in notes 7.6.7
475 correct QRA captions in Mode Filter window 7.6.8
476 prevent errorlog.txt file entry generated by DDEClientModule.SetServerConnected on shutdown 7.7.0
477 correct regression introduced by defect repair 473 that can prevent processing of incoming spots 7.7.0
478 when using an SQL filter to govern audio or email announcements from a locale that employs comma as the decimal separator, determine whether a new active DX station should be announced or emailed without generating an errorlog.txt file 7.7.2
479 correct regression introduced by defect repair 477 that allows undesired recursion when "log debugging info" is disabled 7.7.3
480 defer termination while updating a database record 7.7.4
481 on receiving a "startup" DDE message from DXView, wait until that message has been processed to send DXView plot directives for active DX stations within DXView's "lifetime" parameter 7.7.6
482 properly interpret DXView's Spot Lifetime setting when it's a fractional value 7.7.7
483 send needed spots to Commander whether or not they are on the transceiver's current band 7.7.8
484 inform Commander when filtering the Spot Database Display with an SQL expression so it can filter Bandspread stations if so configured 7.7.9
485 when updating SNR predictions, don't generate an errorlog.txt file entry when a deleted record is encountered 7.8.0
486 correctly handle lower-case band and mode names in the sub-band definition file 7.8.0
487 correct a regression in version 7.8.0 that when deciding whether to convey a new Spot Database Entry to Commander erroneously considers SpotCollector's current filtering even though Commander is configured to ignore SpotCollector's filtering 7.8.1
488 when conveying updated callsign colors to Commander, DXKeeper, and WinWarbler, tolerate connection failures 7.8.2
489 convey correct need status to Commander's bandspread and spectrum-waterfall windows for a station needed for a WAZ band-mode 7.8.3
490 includes Scomm version 9.1.12 7.8.3
491 correctly interpret bandmode.txt file entries when being run from a non-US locale 7.8.7
492 when creating or updating a Spot Database Entry, read and write the SpotNeeded field once 7.9.1
493 eliminate errorlog.txt entry: program error 340 in module SpotDatabaseModule.SpotClusterConnected: Control array element '4' doesn't exist 7.9.2
494 correct the Spot Database Filter History to work properly with SQL filters 7.9.3
495 doesn't remove 'S' from the Needed field of the Spot Database Entry of a station whose state is needed for WAS when a QSO with a US station from another state is logged 7.9.4
496 eliminates duplicate entries in the "Spots of" window 7.9.5
497 prevents an errorlog.txt file entry from being generated when reading a Spot Database Entry's SpotNeeded field 7.9.6
498 if on startup, the Spot Database can't be opened because of a " no read permission" error, the user is prompted to terminate SpotCollector and delete the Spot Database 7.9.7
499 before comparing a callsign to the specified Operator Callsign, remove any trailing -# and other characters not valid in callsigns 8.0.0
500 in the Realtime Award Tracking window, correctly determine whether or not a WAZ zone-band-mode is sought 8.0.0
501 if a Spot Database Entry with a <Leaderboard> tab has an unknown band or mode, its SpotNeeded field should contain an L 8.0.1
502 when updating a Spot Database Entry that is "needed" for CQ WAZ after being informed that a new QSO has been logged, correctly update the Entry's Needed field 8.0.2
503 correct IOTA, WAZ, and WPX need categorization  8.0.3
504 after being informed that a new QSO has been logged, correctly update NeedCategory field of each affected Spot Database Entry 8.0.4
505 when updating a Spot Database Entry that is "needed" for a CQ WAZ zone-band-mode after being informed that a new QSO has been logged, correctly update the Entry's Needed field 8.0.5
506 correct the tooltip associated with the Filter panel's Need button 8.0.6
507 prevent erroneous GetNeed result when adding the first entry to a Spot Database 8.0.6
508 when updating a Spot Database Entry that is "needed" for a WAS state-band, WAS state-mode, WPX prefix-band, or WPX prefix-mode after being informed that a new QSO has been logged, correctly update the Entry's Needed field 8.0.6
509 restore the position of the horizontal scroll bar after executing the "Compact Database" function 8.0.6
510 ignore keystrokes in "Display Spots" window 8.0.7
511 correctly determines whether an override with start and end dates is valid 8.0.9
512 on the Configuration window's Override tab, correctly enables the "Display Overrides" button if SpotCollector connects to DXView before the Spot Database is opened 8.0.9
513 ignore local spots that don't specify a callsign 8.1.0
514 correctly compute and display need status of WAZ band-modes 8.1.1
515 correct a regression in 8.0.9 that incorrectly handles missing override start and end dates 8.1.1
516 prevents spot database entries deleted manually or by pruning from prematurely terminating the search for an existing spot database entry when processing an incoming spot 8.1.2
517 tolerate null fields in the Override Database 8.1.3
518 prevent "program error 94 in module SpotDatabaseModule.UpdateProgress, State = 89: Invalid use of Null", caused by the addition of a new field in version 8.1.1 8.1.4
519 tolerate null fields in the Override Database 8.1.4
520 correct the Need filter to correctly identify Spot Database Entries needed for WAZ band-modes 8.1.5
521 enhancement 652 should only ignore recomputation requests from DXKeeper 8.1.5
522 enable control of the Mode filter's ASCII and ThrobX settings via the web server 8.1.7
523 return to single spacing in generated web page 8.1.8
524 automatically trigger compaction after pruning if the Spot Database has grown to a size more than double its most recently compacted size 8.1.8
525 on termination, don't save settings unless they were successfully read from the Registry 8.1.8
526 automatically trigger compaction after pruning the Spot Database generates more than 1000 undeleted Spot Database Entries 8.1.9
527 restore the position of the horizontal scroll bar after executing the "Prune" function 8.1.9
528 prevent creation of errorlog.txt file entry when all Overrides in DXView are deleted 8.2.1
529 prevent errorlog.txt entry from SpotDatabaseModule.ShowConfig 8.2.3
530 detect loss of access to the Spot Database, and restore it 8.2.3
531 force operator callsign to be upper case 8.2.3
532 inform user if Sunrise or Sunset specified in Band Filter are invalid 8.2.3
533 prevent compaction from interfering with Spot Database updates 8.2.4
534 prevent premature invocation of Spot Database filtering 8.2.4
535 prevent compaction from interfering with Spot Database propagation forecast updates 8.2.5
536 correctly convey WSJTX antenna rotation to DXView 8.2.7
537 prevent "program error 9 in module WSJTXModule.HandleData, State = 32: Subscript out of range" 8.2.7
537 when generating a spot of station X by station Y from a WSJT-X report where Y is not the user's callsign, the the spot frequency should be the base of the sub-band in use by WSJT-X 8.2.7
538 reconnect with WSJT-X if it terminates while SpotCollector is running and is later restarted 8.2.7
539 use the correct criterion in determining whether a double-clicked spot database entry is using the mode selected by the connected instance of WSJT-X 8.2.8
540 improve error messages displayed when WSJT-X UDP port can't be opened 8.2.9
541 when connected to WSJT-X, don't create or update Spot Database Entries if Commander isn't running 8.2.9
542 after a WSJT-X restart, ensure that CQs in the "Band Activity" window are correctly colored, if so enabled 8.3.2
543 add a CQZen spot database field that indicates whether CQ WAZ Mixed is being pursued 8.3.2
544 inform the user if a logged QSO is not added to the log within 15 seconds 8.3.2
545 prevent resource contention when managing multiple WSJT-X clients` 8.3.4
546 SSTV counts as Phone for CQ DX Marathon, not Digital 8.3.5
547 properly accounts for the fact that QSOs with stations on 60m don't count for DXCC or WAS 8.3.5
548 prevent creation of a "record is deleted" errorlog entry from SpotDatabaseModule.UpdateSpotDatabaseEntryWithSNRPrediction 8.3.6
549 corrects regression that prevents determination of the first WSJT-X client's current mode 8.3.6
550 changes made to email parameters on the Configuration window's "Email Alarm" tab will correctly persist when made via the right mouse menu's Paste command 8.3.7
551 stations operating on 60m are not shown as "needed" for Leaderboard 8.3.7
552 when logging a QSO based on information from WSJT-X, don't unnecessarily add a second <gridsquare> tag 8.3.8
554 double-clicking a Spot Database Entry for a station operating in a K1JT mode should always direct Pathfinder (if running) to perform a lookup on the Entry's callsign 8.3.9
555 The Recomputer function can more expeditiously handle a Spot Database Entry that doesn't specify a CQ zone 8.4.3
556 prevent overflow at state 23 in SpotDatabaseModule.UpdateSpotDatabaseDisplayLayout with wide SpotCollector Main window 8.4.5
557  considers an override to end at 23:59:59Z on the specified end date 8.4.6
558 with WinWarbler running, double-clicking a Spot Database Entry for a station operating in CW or SSB or AM or FM with SpotCollector configured to convey the Entry's information to WinWarbler should not result in SpotCollector also sending the information to DXKeeper, as this duplicates WinWarbler's response 8.4.7
559 with WSJT-X connected as a spot source, double-clicking a K1JT mode station in the Spot Database Display should not result in a redundant set of lookup operations when WSJT-X reports a new  "DX Call" of that station 8.4.8
560 when updating Spot Database Entries to reflect a logged QSO, ignore Entries whose callsign is "null" 8.5.0
561 when reporting that the Spot Database file cannot be read, report the pathname of this file 8.5.1
562 correctly restore the Spot Database Display font size between operating sessions 8.5.1
563 increase the size of the UDP receive buffer 8.5.5
564 handle concatenated datagrams that can be received during excessive system load 8.5.7
565 correct an infinite loop regression added in 8.4.7 8.5.8
566 don't unnecessarily trigger an event to process color change requests from WSJT-X 8.5.8
567 save changes to the the WSJT-X UDP port between operating sessions 8.5.9
568 handle concatenated datagrams that can be received during excessive system load 8.6.0
569 correctly set a Spot Database Entry's DXGridSource item when configured to inspect spot notes, but the spot notes don't specify a grid square 8.6.4
570 correctly identify WSJT-X windows so they can be "raised" 8.6.6
571 prevent "No Spot Database specified; spots will not be collected" message on shutdown 8.6.6
572 reduce impact on interactive response with "Enable SNR & Probability prediction" option enabled 8.6.6
573 update each Spot Database Entry's OMDX field when recomputing 8.6.6
574 prevent WSJT-X source controls from being modified during initialization 8.6.8
575 correctly distinguish the WSJT-X Main window from its Log window 8.6.9
576 detect conflict in UpdateSpotDatabaseEntryWithSNRPrediction and automatically retry 8.7.0
577 prevent errorlog.txt entry from DXCCDatabaseModule.GetOriginStringList when reporting callsign is less than 2 characters in length  8.7.0
578 when a K1JT-mode Spot Database Entry is double-clicked, direct WSTX-J to populate its "DX Call" with the callsign, and generate standard messages 8.7.1
579 tolerate spots with dates more than 22 days in the past or future 8.7.2
580 in a multimonitor environment, make Log Page Display explanatory popups appear on the correct monitor 8.7.4
581 when information from a double-clicked Spot Database Entry is conveyed to WinWarbler, do not disconnect from WinWarbler if DXView is not running 8.7.4
582 retract defect repair #580 8.7.5
583 improve Spot Database Display tooltips 8.7.5
584 increase accuracy of lat/lon to subsquare calculation 8.7.6
585 on termination, save all SQL filters to the Windows Registry 8.7.6
586 prevent errorlog.txt entry generated by SpecialCallGrid_FetchCellTips 8.7.7
587 update SC_WSJTX to version 1.0.4 to prevent an errorlog.txt entry generated by the UpdateCache procedure 8.7.7
588 correctly recompute the new BandModeProgress field 8.7.8
589 correctly display "nickname is already in use" message from IRC 8.7.9
590 don't allow the file UncompactedSpots.mdb to be used as the Spot Database 8.7.9
591 correctly handle changes to the Spot Database Display layout made via keystrokes in the Layout panel on the Configuration window's "Spot Database Display" tab 8.8.0
592 ensures that the SC_WSJTX window is correctly positioned at startup 8.8.0
593 with an expanded spot database display row height, select the correct spot database display entry when right-clicking 8.8.1
594 correctly handle changes to the Spot Database Display layout made via keystrokes in the Layout panel on the Configuration window's "Spot Database Display" tab 8.8.2
595 prevent the clearing of SQL filters 8.8.2
596 increase accuracy of Commander Bandspread spot lifetimes 8.8.5
597 prevent errorlog.txt entry generated by SpotDatabaseModule.GetSpotRecordsetAscendingSort 8.8.7
598 prevent errorlog.txt entry generated by UpdateSpotDatabaseEntryWithSNRPrediction 8.8.7
599 inform user when Spot Database Report cannot be generated because the file is in use 8.8.7
600 ignore erroneous NPOTA, POTA, SOTA, and WWFF designators 8.8.8
601 when WSJT-X reports a station R decoding a station C with SNR S, the Spot Database entry created for C should specify R as the spotting station, not the user's callsign 8.8.8
602 correctly interoperates with an instance of WSJT-X running on a computer whose locale uses network segment separators other than the period character 8.8.8
603 correct error in correction to defect 597 8.8.9
604 disable direct user modification of Spot Database Entries 8.9.0
605 correctly display the port status in the Network Service panel on the Configuration window's General tab 8.9.1
606 properly handle callsigns reported by WSJT-X that happen to be valid gridsquares 8.9.2
607 prevent errorlog.txt entry in Config.SpecialCallGrid_FetchCellTip state = 1 called by large colindex 8.9.3
608 ignore IOTA tags in spot notes if number is 0 8.9.3
609 prevent "program error 6 in module SpotDatabaseModule.RecordSpot with state = 4105: Overflow" 8.9.4
610 if access to a spot database recordset is lost, close the database and re-open it 8.9.8
611 prevent the creation of errorlog.txt file entry by SpotDatabaseUI.SpotGrid_FetchCellTips state =16 8.9.8
612 don't automatically compact the Spot Database at startup unless initial pruning merits compaction 8.9.8
613 ensure that the processing of incoming spots is suspended during pruning, compaction, and spot database clearing 8.9.9
614 correct a defect that could cause access to the spot database to be lost 9.0.0

eliminate unnecessary delay when compacting the Spot Database

616 prevent program error 3420 in module SpotDatabaseModule.UpdateWebServerRecordset, State = 2 9.0.2
617 delay spot database pruning, compaction, or clearing when the web server is generating a web page  9.0.3
618 prevent Division by zero in SpotDatabaseModule.EnqueueSpot: 9.0.5
619  correctly save Initial Cluster Command Enable checkboxes between operating sessions 9.0.6
620 prevent Telnet DXClusters from disconnecting 9.0.6
621 prevent several errorlog.txt file entries 9.0.8
622 prevent errorlog.text entry SpotDatabaseModule.UpdateProgress, State = 79: Invalid use of Null 9.0.9
623 interoperates with WSJT-X with a network service base port other than 52000 9.1.0
624 prevent deadlock caused by collisions between prune, compaction, and clear functions 9.1.1
625 prevent deadlock caused by interaction between band filter updating and  the prune, compaction, and clear functions 9.1.3
626 prevent deadlock caused by interaction between band filter updating and  the prune, compaction, and clear functions 9.1.4
627 correctly include primary and secondary subdivisions in email alerts 9.1.8
628 retain the "Discard spots from spotting station callsigns ending in -@" setting between operating sessions 9.2.1
629 prevent errorlog.txt entry "SpotDatabaseUI.SpotGridNeed WAS Need error" 9.2.3
630 accurately display the number of entries in the Spot Queue after an overflow occurs 9.2.4
631 prevent erroneous errorlog.txt entry from LogDatabaseModule.Terminate 9.2.5
632 eliminate the diagnostic display of queued spot database entries in bold font 9.2.6
633 on the Configuration window's  Email tab, make the Help button visible 9.2.8
634 retry when LogDatabaseModule.BandWorkedBefore and LogDatabaseModule.ModeWorkedBefore and LogDatabaseModule.BandModeWorkedBefore are unable to access the current log file 9.2.8
635 enable the "double-click on SpotDatabase Entry for a station operating in a K1JT-mode" functionality to work when DXKeeper is not running 9.2.9
636 update the visibility of the "Size Control" panel's Prune, Compact, and Clear buttons whenever the Configuration window is opened 9.3.0
637 include the "Last Time" field in the report generated by the Report button 9.3.3
638 correct the date format used in the report generated by the Report button 9.3.4
639 correct a regression in Audio and Email SQL filter assembly introduced in SpotCollector 9.3.4 9.3.5
640 when automatically re-enabling Autoscroll, don't steal cursor focus  9.3.6
641 be able to connect to CQDX via IRC when no other spot sources are enabled 9.3.7
642 with neither DXKeeper nor WinWarbler running, double-clicking a Spot Database Entry for a station not operating in a K1JT mode should send the Entry's callsign to Pathfinder 9.3.8
643 with neither DXKeeper nor WinWarbler running, CTRL- or ALT- double-clicking a Spot Database Entry should rotate the antenna to the Entry's station's short path or or long path  heading respecdtively 9.3.9
644 ensure that all settings are saved to the Windows Registry on termination 9.4.0
645 prevent an errorlog.txt entry from ClusterModule.ParseNotes, State = 82 9.4.1
646 store QSX in correct format in non-US locales  9.4.4.
647 monitor automatic propagation prediction and restart it if necessary 9.4.6
648 correctly updates the BandModeProgress fields of affected Spot Database Entries when DXKeeper reports logging a QSO 9.5.1
649 correctly save spot source window positions when terminated 9.5.3
650 In the Main window's WWV panel, change the letter A's font color from red to black after the A-index falls to 30 or below 9.5.4
651 if unable to open log, retry 9.5.7
652 ignore a double-click of a Spot Database Entry that doesn't specify a callsign 9.5.8
653 if SpotCollector is directly connected to one or more instances WSJT-X, double-clicking on a Spot Database Entry for a K1JT mode whose band is not being monitored by any connected instance of WSJT-X will not direct Commander to QSY to the entry's frequency 9.6.1

correctly announce "African Italy" when it is needed for the CQ DX Marathon

655 If the Sub-band Definition file does not specify bounds for a double-clicked K1JT-mode Entry's band and mode, or if a double-clicked K1JT-mode Entry's frequency is not between the specified bounds, direct Commander to change the transceiver's mode to the specified in the "Transceiver mode for WSJT-X" panel. 9.6.7
656 Prevent the Prune function with a size limit set to 0 from preventing the Recompute function from being invoked 9.6.7
657 when directly connected to WSJT-X, change SpotCollector's spot source status display for WSJT-X from green to yellow if WSJT-X stops running, and from yellow to green if WSJT-X starts running 9.6.8
658 prevents the Spot Database Display sort order from being incorrectly changed by the Prune function 9.6.9
659 correctly handle a callsign containing back-to-back slashes reported by WSJT-X 9.7.0
660 correctly discard DX Summit spots, and improve the usability of the Pre-filtering window's treatment of Skimmer spots
 - renames the "Discard spots from spotting station callsigns ending in -#" option to "Discard Skimmer spots"
 - renames the "Discard spots from spotting station callsigns ending in -@" option to "Discard DX Summit" spots
 - enabling the "Pre-filter Skimmer spots only" option disables the "Discard Skimmer spots" option
 - enabling the "Discard Skimmer spots" option disables the "Pre-filter Skimmer spots only" option

correctly updates the Need fields of relevant Spot Database Display entries after logging a QSO with a station needed for Leaderboard

662 correctly handle special callsigns with a leaderboard tag and additional tags 9.7.6
663 prevent event-handling when dequeuing email requests 9.7.7
664 re-enable event-handling when dequeuing email requests 9.7.8


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