WinWarbler Defects

Number Description Version corrected
1 clicking the Rcv or Xmit buttons in the Soundcard Levels panel causes some systems to crash 1.1
2 crashes or fails to load on a 90 mHz Pentium with 32mb RAM 1.5.1
3 incorrectly reports the absence of PSKCore.DLL 1.1
4 crashes when > precedes < in a macro definition 1.3.1
5 crashes when temporary files cannot be created 1.3
6 tab order is reversed on the function key macro definition screen 1.5.6
7 broken hyperlinks in online help 1.5
8 can't switch windows with <ALT><TAB> if WinWarbler is on top
9 can't send line breaks in version 1.5.9 1.6.0
10 can't select callsigns containing a 1.6.7
11 selecting callsign, name, report, and QTH is unreliable when running under Windows 2000 1.6.7
12 / in callsign causes program termination on minilog creation 1.6.8
13 insufficient precision in RX frequency causes inaccurate Hz. digit 1.7.2
14 panel ID not properly repainted after change of font color 1.7.9
15 incoming backspace characters improperly handled 1.7.9
16 centering 2 decimal points in the "xcvr freq" text box causes crash 1.8.0
17 if a receive pane is made to disappear, it cannot be made to re-appear 1.8.0
18 transmit pane font color is not saved between sessions 1.8.1
19 starting transmission within ~250 ms. of switching panes can select the previous pane's net transmit frequency 1.8.5
20 WinWarbler versions beginning with 1.8.1 improperly compute UTC dates in the year 2001 -- an erroneous 2 days are added, so that 1-Jan-2000 is reported as 3-Jan-2000 1.9.2
21 Date in header of mini-log export file contains incorrect year 1.9.4
22 Runtime error 380 when run on Windows 2000 SR1 (build 2195) with Italian locale
23 Soundcard RTTY (MMTTY) squelch control is inoperative 2.0.1
24 clicking on receive pane clears waterfall display 2.0.2
25 unreliable interoperation with Commander 2.0.2
26 MMTTY fails to start on some systems 2.0.9
27 frequency scale is not displayed when xcvr frequency is < 4 khz 2.0.7
28 RTTY modem window color coding of received vs. transmitted characters is incorrect 2.0.9
29 clicking the RTTY receive pane's OPT button causes a runtime error if an offset has not been specified 2.1.0
30 PTT for soundcard RTTY not reliably initialized 2.1.5
31 soundcard RTTY XY display not reliably initialized 2.1.5
32 RX and TX frequencies above 100 mhz are improperly displayed 2.1.7
33 RTTY receive panel and AutoArchive directory creation errors introduced in 2.2.6 2.2.7
34 KAM doesn't return to CMD mode after RTTY mode is terminated 2.3.0
35 sats label on main window should not be visible unless GPS is enabled 2.3.3
36 gracefully recover from window positioning errors 2.3.3
37 Config window's Display tab doesn't display font colors after program startup 2.3.4
38 With PTT Mode set to RTS+DTR, switching from PSK to soundcard RTTY generates a "unable to open PSK  PTT serial port" message 2.3.8
39 enabling or disabling Soundcard RTTY mode during PSK operation disables the waterfall and frequency displays 2.3.5
40 version 2.3.6 can't be shutdown by the DXLab Launcher 2.3.7
41 when directed by SpotCollector to set a RTTY frequency, version 2.3.6 fails to do so if neither soundcard RTTY nor external RTTY modem are enabled 2.3.7
42 changes to a macro definition are not reflected in its tooltip (popup) 2.3.9
43 macros that include line breaks aren't fully displayed in the transmit pane after activation 2.3.9
44 soundcard overload indicator fires after transition from transmission to reception 2.3.9
45 changing frequency doesn't set the band control 2.4.0
46 treat an incoming as zero when decoding callsigns 2.4.0
47 tolerate non-numeric RTTY offsets without generating an errorlog entry 2.4.0
48 correct explanatory Transmit Pane popups in the Config window's Display tab  2.4.1
49 don't overwrite QSO Info data if DXKeeper is running but the RAC callbook is disabled or not installed 2.4.3
50 if radio mode is USB, switching to a RTTY channel configured to AFSK(LSB) doesn't change the mode to LSB 2.4.5
51 initialize and save the Waterfall color settings for Soundcard RTTY operation 2.4.8
52 Expect the locale's decimal separator character in fields that accept decimal numeric values 2.4.8
53 <clear_qso> macro command doesn't clear DXKeeper's Capture window 2.5.0
54 when switching from soundcard RTTY to PSK, check to see if soundcard has been released by the MMTTY engine; if not, wait until its available before beginning PSK operation 2.5.1
55 correct receive pane initialization error that sometimes occurs when switching from PSK to RTTY 2.5.2
56 eliminate flicker when attempting to resize the main window to less than its minimum height or width 2.5.2
57 soundcard RTTY trace width control is inoperative 2.5.4
58 clicking the QSL Info panel's Log button doesn't clear DXKeeper's Capture window 2.5.4
59 clicking theTransmit PSK panel's CWID button fails to activate the transmit pane, so subsequent keystrokes -- data or function keys -- are ignored until the user manually clicks in the transmit pane 2.5.4
60 the "Set Default Color" function does not save the default trace color (used to render spectrum, vector, and XY displays) between sessions 2.5.5
61 opening the multiline macroeditor fails if it had previously been minimized 2.5.6
62 the Enter key should function in soundcard and external RTTY whether or not the "Send control characters from Transmit Pane" box is checked 2.5.7
63 the Optimal Offset command does not work correctly with Soundcard RTTY 2.5.8
64 missing or incorrect tooltips for various Config settings 2.5.9
65 if started in soundcard RTTY mode, the first switch to a PSK mode and the subsequent switch back to soundcard RTTY mode don't function correctly 2.6.3
66 CW identification speeds in PSK63 mode are incorrect 2.6.3
67 set focus to Transmit pane after closing the Config or Macro Editor windows so that function keys can be used 2.6.4
68 retain Doppler-tracking AFC setting between sessions 2.6.4
69 accept information from remote QSO lookup and/or Callbook lookup whether the Callbook is enabled or not 2.6.6
70 correct error in implementation of Dual Monitor support 2.6.6
71 remember between sessions whether the QSO Info panel's Notes or QSLMsg is to be displayed 2.6.7
72 failure to properly shut down on some systems 2.6.8
73 <LastQSO> macro's frequency is improperly formatted on some systems 2.7.4
74 PSK AFC label is depicted in the wrong font 2.6.9
75 extraneous "QSLRequest" label is visible 2.6.9
76 after initiating macro editing by Ctrl-Clicking a macro button, macros can't be initiated via Function key until they are first imitiated by a mouse click 2.7.0
77 ensure that horizontal zoom can't be set to 0 2.7.1
78 clicking in horizontal pan slider background doesn't update frequency display 2.7.1
79 when operating soundcard PSK or RTTY in LSB, ensure that the transceiver frequency is no lower than 4khz 2.7.3
80 CTRL-clicking a macro button to initiate editing should not execute the macro (regression introduced in 2.7.0) 2.7.4
81 setting receive and transmit frequencies by clicking in the waterfall display in LSB mode with zoom >1 did not work correctly 2.7.4
82 click the Stop button in the PSK Transmit or RTTY Transmit panel does not clear the Transmit pane 2.7.5
83 clicking on the PSK panel's AFC label won't toggle the doppler AFC if WinWarbler starts up with AFC set to 0 2.7.6
84 the first previous QSO check after WinWarbler starts doesn't update the Call label to indicate the number of previous QSOs 2.7.6
85 <lastqso> macro repeats the word "our" 2.7.7
86 AFSK RTTY Mark Offset implemented incorrectly for non-zero values 2.8.0
87 striking F10 or ALT-F10 loses keyboard focus until F10 is struck a second time 2.8.2
88 reimplement RTTY Mark offsets so that the same offset works on both LSB and USB 2.8.4
89 move RTTY Mark Offset settings to the Soundcard RTTY tab (since they only apply to Soundcard RTTY operation) 2.8.4
90 PSK offset applies to transmit as well as receive frequencies 2.8.4
91 Transmit from Clipboard and Transmit from File don't work in RTTY  2.8.4
92 use MHz rather than mHz in the <LastQSO> macro 2.8.5
93 eliminate unnecessary transceiver control directives at startup 2.8.6
94 if  the PTT mode is set to "Xcvr Ctrl SW" and Soundcard RTTY modulation is set to AFSK, then MMTTY is directed to not open a serial port

if  the PTT mode is set to "Xcvr Ctrl SW" and Soundcard RTTY modulation is set to FSK, then MMTTY is directed to open the specified serial port (so that its TXD signal can be used to drive a level converter connected to the transceiver's RTTY input)

95 error in calculation of monitor channel display width 2.8.7
96 monitor channel display does not re-appear when switching from RTTY to PSK 2.8.8
97 Waterfall display defect when run with a Finnish locale 2.8.9
98 don't allow monitor channel window to appear unless mode is PSK31 or PSK63 2.8.9
99 retry DDE Log operations 3 times before giving up 2.9.1
100 ensure that receive pane triangles are visible atop monitor channel triangles above the waterfall 2.9.1
101 Channel Monitor window doesn't resize the channel display when maximized 2.9.2
102 reset unlocked channels every 2 seconds rather than every 200 ms 2.9.2
103 eliminate the frequency marker display when the channel monitor is disabled and the tuning display ID is set to traces 2.9.3
104 monitor channel frequencies don't take the PSK offset into account 2.9.3
105 with Broadband Decode enabled, CPU consumption becomes 100% on some PCs 2.9.4
106 double-clicking on a PSK Spot Database Entry fails to place the transceiver into the specified mode if WinWarbler was already in PSK and the specified mode is not SSB 2.9.5
107 if main window is minimized when double-clicking on a PSK or RTTY spot in SpotCollector, WinWarbler fails to appropriately reconfigure its window 2.9.7
108 eliminate unnecessary transceiver mode changes during initialization and shutdown 2.9.8
109 clearing the transmit pane via its right-click menu entry while in PSK31 or PSK63 mode should clear PSKCORE's transmit buffer 2.9.9
110 changing the transmit pane font color should alter any characters already in the pane 2.9.9
111 can fail to remove an overage entry from the Station Heard window under certain circumstances 3.0.0
112 closing the Monitor window can generate an errorlog.txt entry 3.0.1
113 clicking the Station Heard window's X button should minimize it, rather than close it 3.0.2
114 changing a macro button's font or face color may not take effect until you change the Main window's Alt checkbox twice 3.0.2
115 before a new profile is established, remember the AFC, BPF, reverse transmit/receive, and unshift on space settings; after the profile is established, restore those settings 3.0.2
116 triangle frequency designators flicker 3.0.5
117 selected PTT port is opened even if PTT mode is set to "none"
118 Channel Monitor window entries flicker
119 in the Stations Heard window, changing column widths followed by changing data column width followed by resizing windows causes unexpected results 3.0.6
120 double-clicking on the first-letter of a callsign fails to capture it 3.0.6
121 <xcvrsequence> macro doesn't handle sequence numbers 8 through 15 3.0.7
122 executing a macro resets Keyboard Pane to black font 3.0.7
123 CW offset isn't saved between sessions 3.0.8
124 "WinWarblerMain.QSLRequested_Click: Invalid procedure call or argument" errorlog entry on startup 3.0.8
125 If WW is in RTTY mode, double clicking on a CW spot in WW does not change the rig to CW 3.0.8
126 striking a macro button while transmitting in CW causes a glitch in CW generation 3.0.8
127 when in CW mode, don't interpret Enter or Newline as character spaces 3.0.9
128 eliminate errorlog.txt entries generated when tuning display height is set to 0 3.1.0
129 when receiving a frequency and mode from SpotCollector with "Contest Mode" or "Preset RST fields to 59/599" checked, don't set the QSO's start time  3.1.1
130 correct tooltip errors and omissions 3.1.2
131 support PTT via selected serial port 3.1.3
132 eliminate loss of DDE connectivity with Commander when using Commander for PTT with a lag time of 2-6 ms 3.1.4
133 save the soundcard/modem receive pane layout between operating sessions 3.1.5
134 switching to RTTY with Commander running doesn't properly update the transceiver mode 3.1.6
135 main window size for RTTY and/or PSK operation is not preserved between sessions if WinWarbler is shut down in CW or phone mode 3.1.6
136 Transmit from file is not functional in CW mode 3.1.8
137 When the External Modem tab's "Send control characters from Transmit Pane" box is checked, control character struck in the Transmit Pane other than CTRL-J, CTLR-Q, CTRL-R, CTRL-S, and CTRL-V should be sent to the External Modem, not interpreted as keyboard shortcuts for navigation in the QSO Info panel 3.1.8
138 Control characters other than CTLR-Q, CTRL-R, and CTRL-S (<17>, <18>, and <19>) contained in macros are conveyed to the external modem if in CW mode with keying via the external modem, or if in RTTY mode with the external modem's receive pane active 3.1.8
139 don't send MMTTY a stop-when-empty message if transmission is not in progress; instead, wait for the next transmission and send the stop-when-empty message after sending the first character 3.1.9
140 when shifting from PSK to RTTY with both soundcard RTTY and the external modem enabled, allocate the third receive pane's space pro-rata to the soundcard RTTY and external modem receive panes 3.2.0
141 when CW AutoStart and CW AutoStop are disabled because the Send control characters from Transmit Pane setting is checked while in CW mode with keying via the external modem, remember there previous values and restore them when the Send control characters from Transmit Pane setting is unchecked or CW keying is set to something other than external modem or the mode is changed to something other than CW 3.2.0
142 don't close the external modem port when switching from CW via external modem to RTTY via external modem 3.2.1
143 when presented with a callsign by SpotCollector, don't direct DXKeeper to filter the Log Page Display 3.2.3
144 clearing the QSO Info panel should update the panel's caption to show no start time 3.2.4
145 when switching from soundcard RTTY to PSK with PTT mode set to 'none', WW incorrectly waits for MMTTY to release the PTT port 3.2.4
146 if operating soundcard PSK or RTTY in LSB without Commander, the Xcvr Freq control can become "stuck" at 4  3.2.6
147 Receive frequency isn't properly initialized when switching to Phone mode 3.2.6
148 Use 10mHz to choose between USB and LSB 3.2.6
149 if Commander is not running, initialize WInWarbler to the mode in use during the previous session 3.2.7
150 properly set Main window size at startup when transceiver mode results in a mode different from that of the last operating session 3.2.7
151 Help button on the Config window's CW/Phone tab is inoperative 3.2.8
152 Display font metrics are sometimes not accurately preserved between operating sessions due to font size rounding  3.3.1
153 WinWarbler Macros window doesn't fit on an SVGA display 3.3.2
154 errorlog.txt entries reporting overflows in PhoneXcvr.NewXcvrMode and PhoneXcvr.UpdateReceiverFreq 3.3.2
155 if a reasonable startup mode can't be determined, start in Phone Mode rather than generate an errorlog.txt entry 3.3.2
156 eliminate errorlog.txt entry generated by WinWarblerMacros.UpdateBankCaption 3.3.3
157 when expanding or contracting the QSO Info panel, expand or contract the Main window size to match 3.3.5
158 provide a reasonable tab order within the Main window's QSO info panel 3.3.5
159 Main window height is improperly initialized in CW and Phone mode (regression introduced in 3.3.3) 3.3.6
160 Alt-shortcut keys should not select the primary macro bank 3.3.6
161 ensure the correct vertical spacing when switching between modes 3.3.7
162 handle longer soundcard product names 3.3.7
163 if a <loadmacrobank> or <savemacrobank> macro is executed without a <macrobank> macro having first established which macro bank to load or save, macro bank 1 is assumed 3.3.8
164 ensure that unused receive panes (0 and 2 in CW, 2 in RTTY) never appear, and disable the splitter bars that would enable them to be made visible 3.3.8
165 the TX# field ignores Alt-Nav shortcuts 3.3.8
166 ALT-U should not select the primary macro bank 3.3.8
167 Striking a key in the Freq selector should not move the cursor focus to the transmit pane 3.3.9
168 Use Alt-/ rather than Alt-M as shortcut to the Transmit pane 3.3.9
169 QSO Info's RST Sent label is misplaced 3.4.0
170 when the user double-clicks on a SpotCollector Spot Database Entry with DXKeeper running, only update the QSO Info panel with previous QSO and Callbook information if  the Auto Lookup option is enabled and if SpotCollector is configured for WinWarbler handle the spotted station 3.4.0
171 hide vestigial receive panes and panel ids 3.4.0
172 ensure the phone QSOs use the QSO Info associated with receive pane 0 3.4.0
173 refuse to log a QSO whose callsign can't be mapped to a DXCC entity 3.4.1
174 accept expanded spot information in DDE command from SpotCollector and use it to generate outgoing DDE Commands to DXKeeper and Pathfinder (rather than let SpotCollector do this, which caused a race condition) 3.4.1
175 not exporting RX frequency via DDE in CW and Phone mode 3.4.1
176 striking Enter in the Callsign field, double-clicking the Callsign field, or tabbing out of the Callsign field  should update the Capture window items to match those of WinWarbler's QSO Info panel 3.4.1
177 double-clicking a received callsign updates the Capture window items to match those of WinWarbler's QSO Info panel 3.4.2
178 striking Enter in the Callsign field, double-clicking the Callsign field,  tabbing out of the Callsign field, or double-clicking a received callsign updates the QSO Info's Freq textbox to reflect the transceiver's current frequency, if Commander is running   3.4.2
179 in CW word mode, don't append a space to the end of the final word 3.4.2
180 use pane 1 for CW so characters received by the external modem (if used) are displayed (reverses bad idea introduced in 3.4.0) 3.4.2
181 adjustments to receive pane splitter bars not working properly (regression introduced in 3.4.0) 3.4.3
182 striking Enter in the QSO Info panel's Callsign textbox doesn't perform a lookup (regression introduced in 3.4.1) 3.4.3
184 the Optimal Offset function fails after a channel's frequency was set by a <rcvchannel> macro 3.4.5
183 ensure exact persistence in display heights when switching modes (don't allow "display xmit/rcv characters" setting to change unless in CW mode) 3.4.6
184 don't perform a DXView lookup when logging a QSO 3.4.6
185 eliminate errorlog.txt entry from  WinWarblerMain.Form_Resize 3.4.7
186 don't permit the Main window to be vertically expanded or maximized if in phone mode, or CW mode with "display xmit/rcv characters" unchecked 3.4.7
187 if PSK broadband decoding or channel markers are enabled, the frequency scale is incorrectly positioned above the  waterfall during soundcard RTTY operation 3.4.8
188 selecting a different soundcard for PSK operation via the Config window's Soundcard PSK tab should have no impact on Soundcard RTTY operation 3.4.8
189 if WinWarbler was running Soundcard RTTY with the transceiver in LSB or USB during the previous session, then if WinWarbler is started with the transceiver in LSB or USB, SoundCard RTTY operation should be initiated  3.4.9
190 use WaveIn device names rather than Mixer device names to label the soundcard buttons  3.4.9
191 if Contest Mode is not enabled, clearing the QSO Info panel should clear the TX# text box 3.4.9
192 switching to Phone with WinWarbler configured to run SSB doesn't properly select the sideband as a function of frequency 3.5.0
193 if Commander isn't running, WInWarbler doesn't overide soundcard RTTY profile settings with saved settings for AFC, Reverse, Squelch, etc. 3.5.1
194 double-clicking on a Spot Database entry with "Initialize RST fields to 59/599" and "set QSO start when RST Rcvd" set should change the QSO's status to "started" 3.5.1
195 "Initialize RST fields to 59/599" should not overide an RST field that has already been set 3.5.1
196 when directing DXKeeper to create a new entry, include a parameter that prevents DXKeeper from performing overwrite checking 3.5.1
197 settings on the Config window's Soundcard RTTY tab aren't initialized until Soundcard RTTY is running 3.5.2
198 PSK transmit frequency is improperly initialized 3.5.2
199 QSO Info panel's State and County items should appear when the DXCC selector is set to KH6 or KL7 3.5.2
200 navigating to hidden QSO Info items (e.g. Province for a non-Canadian QSO) generates errorlog.txt entries 3.5.2
201 properly convey change in Main window state to the Launcher 3.5.3
202 improperly updating the DXKeeper Capture window with QSO Info panel contents after a DXKeeper lookup for a QSO not directed to WinWarbler 3.5.4
203 on receiving a spot from SpotCollector, don't direct DXKeeper to perform a previous QSO and callbook lookup unless the Automatic Lookup option is enabled 3.5.4
204 WinWarbler incorrectly concludes that DXKeeper is running after DXKeeper has been terminated 3.5.5
205 CTRL-double-clicking a received word while in RTTY mode places the letters-figures-shifted word in the QSO Info panel's Via textbox (regression introduced in 3.5.5) 3.5.7
206 automatic registration of Timer.dll fails if the destination pathname includes folder names containing spaces 3.5.7
207 a callbook lookup (via DXKeeper) should not clear the contents of the QSO Info panel's address, county, state, province, DXCC Prefix, CQ, ITU, or Iota items. 3.5.7
208 when clicking on a monitor channel triangle should initialize the QSO Info panel's transmitter power text box to the specified default transmitter power 3.5.7
209 stacking messages to WinKey garbles a character in the currently-transmitting message 3.5.9
210 enable DTR and disable RTS to properly power a standalone WinKey 3.6.1
211 eliminate multichannel scanning when not enabled 3.6.2
212 if multiple messages are queued when operating CW in WinKey, a single ESC aborts them 3.6.2
213 eliminate delays between characters when transmitting in CW using WinKey 3.6.2
214 correctly implement the <CWSpeed: N> macro for use with WinKey 3.6.2
215 don't inform PSKCORE about changes to  monitor channel AFC or squelch levels  unless broadband decoding is enabled 3.6.3
216 eliminated overflow in CWXCVR.RecomputeWPM 3.6.3
217 improve WinKey buffering scheme 3.6.4
218 if path to REGSVR32.DLL can't be found, prompt user to specify it 3.6.4
219 properly resize the minimized Main window when the mode is changed by a spot database double-click 3.6.4
220 aborting a WinKey transmission is unreliable 3.6.5
221 when generating CW via WinKey and the serial port is changed, re-initialize the WinKey 3.6.5
222 DXKeeper's Capture window frequency is not initialized when WinWarbler starts in CW, Phone, or RTTY via external modem 3.6.6
223 when converting PTT lead and lag times to 10ms steps for WinKey, round rather than truncate 3.6.7
224 eliminated an errorlog.txt entry introduced by a regression in 3.6.6 (type mismatch in  WinWarblerMain.RTTYReceiveFreq_Change 3.6.7
225 min WPM and max WPM labels were reversed in the WinKey speed potentiometer panel 3.6.7
226 directly compute phone window height rather than rely on saved value 3.6.8
227 expanding the QSO Info panel excessively increases the window height 3.6.8
228 correct regression in TimerMM.DLL installation; provide a robust component-registration mechanism that does not require user intervention 3.7.0
229 eliminate errorlog.txt entry if WinWarbler starts up with Commander indicating a transceiver frequency of 0 3.7.2
230 With the QSO Info panel expanded in Phone mode, contracting the QSO Info panel doesn't reduce the size of the Main window 3.7.3
231 the allocation of space among the PSK or RTTY display panes is not accurately maintained between mode changes or QSO Info panel expansion/contraction 3.7.3
232 return cursor focus to Main window after clicking the Main window's CW PTT checkbox 3.7.4
233 starting up with CW PTT enabled from the previous session generates an errorlog.txt entry (regression introduced in 3.7.4) 3.7.5
234 contracting a display pane to its minimum height does not cause it to dissappear (regression introduced in 3.7.3) 3.7.5
235 when operating RTTY, don't allow the upper splitter bar to undock unless both soundcard RTTY and external modem RTTY are enabled 3.7.5
236 use HTTP format filenames when invoking the browser on a help file 3.7.5
237 waterfall traces appear for collapsed (disabled) receive panes 3.7.6
238 when generating CW via a WinKey striking ( should send a KN, not an OS 3.7.8
239 initiating a CW transmission via WinKey can be perceptibly delayed 3.7.9
240 provide missing tooltips in Config window controls 3.8.0
241 enable channel markers when switching from MMTTY to PSK operation 3.8.0
242 correct misalignment between waterfall and frequency scale 3.8.1
243 correct lack of precision in RTTY receive frequency display  3.8.1
244 switching to Phone mode with the QSO Info panel's Freq selector empty causes an Errorlog.txt entry 3.8.2
245 clearing the Transmit Pane while operating RTTY should prevent un-transmitted characters from being sent 3.8.3
246 PSK receive and transmit frequencies can be off by 1 Hz 3.8.3
247 clearing the Transmit Pane via the popup menu entry should prevent the transmission of untransmitted characters in RTTY and CW modes  3.8.4
248 outgoing spots do not include the mode in the spot notes 3.8.7
249 outgoing spots do not convey user-specified spot notes 3.8.7
250 report error message to user when attempt to play a sound file fails 3.8.9
251 double-clicking an entry in the Stations Heard window can erroneously initalize the QSO Info panel with the callsign of the station being worked by the heard station rather than that of the heard station 3.9.1
252 correct an overflow in PskXcvr.SelectClickedWord  when the receive pane contains more than 65K characters 3.9.3
253 correct a problem in initiating soundcard RTTY when switching to RTTY mode 3.9.4
254 in RTTY operation, disable the OPT button when MMTTY transitions to transmission and reception modes respectively, not when the Start or Stop buttons (or macro commands) are executed 3.9.5
255 disable the Main window's Maximize button 3.9.6
256 macro panel caption is not updated when switching between macro banks using the ALT key 3.9.8
257 eliminate Errorlog.txt entry from MMTTYModule.UpdateSignalStrength 4.0.1
258 if PSK or RTTY band segment definition files are missing, don't generate an errorlog.txt entry unless Log Debugging Info is enabled 4.0.2
259 Double-clicking in a PSK receive pane while depressing the CTRL key should not designate the associated channel as the QSO channel 4.0.2
260 When handling an activated spot, direct DXView to rotate the antenna whether or not "Automatic Lookup" is enabled 4.0.2
261 with PTT via a serial port, startup in soundcard RTTY incorrectly says port is unavailable 4.0.4
262 disable the RTTY transmit panel's reverse box if soundcard RTTY and FSK modulation 4.0.5
263 modifying the Callsign or double-clicking on a callsign in a receive pane clears the DXCC selector, CQ zone, and ITU zone 4.0.5
265 autoarchive disable message doesn't correctly display the rationale 4.0.6
266 don't disable autoarchive on error - just log an message in the errorlog 4.0.6
267 prevent double-open of PTT port via PSKCORE when switching to PSK from RTTY 4.0.7
268 don't set PTT port to 'none' if the specified PTT port fails to open (reverse enhancement #381) 4.0.9
269 disable the macro and transmission start buttons when switching between modes 4.0.9
270 remove trailing blank line from DefaultRTTYBands.txt 4.1.1
271 when directed by SpotCollector to handle a spot for a mode other than PSK, RTTY, CW, or Phone, direct Commander to QSY the transceiver to the spot frequency and set its mode to USB (if the spot frequency is above 10 mHz) or LSB (if the spot frequency is below 10 mHz) 4.1.2
272 the Stations Heard form's data column width does not persist between operating sessions 4.1.3
273 ignore macro invocations while a macro is already running 4.1.3
274 uncheck and disable the Soundcard RTTY panel's Net box when operating FSK 4.1.3
275 disable TX Invert checkbox on Config window's RTTY tab when operating FSK 4.1.4
276 6-character grid squares of the form Ix9xxx specify a longitude that's incorrect by up to 2 degrees 4.1.4
277 repetitively switching between the soundcard RTTY and external RTTY modem panes causes the pane boundary between them to drift 4.1.4
278 repetitively switching between the soundcard RTTY and external RTTY modem panes causes the transceiver frequency to decrease by 10 hz per cycle 4.1.4
279 in PSK and RTTY modes, don't clear the transmit pane when the user clicks the Stop, strikes the F4 button, or invokes a macro containing a <stop> command - wait until transmission is complete to clear the transmit pane 4.1.4
280 when using an ALT shortcut from the Transmit pane, don't leave the ALT box checked unless it was checked to begin with 4.1.5
281 correctly handle remote macro invocations from DXKeeper that invoke DXKeeper functions 4.1.5
282 remember the Heard window's Font Size setting between operating sessions 4.1.6
283 <mycourse>, <mygrid>,<mylatitude>, <mylongitude>, and <myspeed> substitution commands fail unless the Position and Vector window is open 4.1.8
284 ensure that ALT-double-click on a grid square is reliable 4.1.8
285 if an external RTTY modem doesn't support inverted transmission and/or inverted reception, disable the reverse transmit and/or reverse receive checkboxes respectively  4.1.8
286 when operating soundcard RTTY in USB, the transmit and receive frequencies should correspond to the Mark frequency 4.1.8
287 when operating RTTY via external modem in AFSK mode, the transmit and receive frequencies should show the mark frequency for the selected sideband 4.1.8
288 when Shift-F10 is struck to activate a macro with the cursor the QSO info panel's RX# item, the Windows menu appears 4.1.8
289 the <cwspeed: n> macro should take immediate effect 4.1.8
290 pasting information into the transmit pane should not automatically initiate transmission 4.1.8
291 clicking the Abort button in the PSK Transmit or RTTY Transmit panel should clear the Transmit pane 4.1.9
292 if Shift-F10 is struck in any textbox, automatically send another F10 to clear the Windows menu 4.2.0
293 with Contest Mode enabled, do not move the cursor focus after a keyboard shortcut is initiated unless the shortcut is one that explicitly moves the cursor focus 4.2.0
294 prohibit control characters from being entered in the RX# textbox 4.2.0
295 on startup, properly enable or disable contest, RX#, and TX# labels based on the state of Contest Mode 4.2.1
296 re-assign shortcut keys for WPM adjustment in CW mode
  • -1 wpm: alt-left arrow (or ctrl-alt-left arrow)
  • +1 wpm: alt-right arrow (or ctrl-alt-right arrow)
  • -5 wpm: alt-down arrow
  • +5 wpm: alt-up arrow
297 re-assign shortcut keys for signal search in PSK31 and PSK63 modes
  • next lower frequency signal:  alt-left arrow
  • next higher frequency signal: alt-right arrow
298 in contest mode, clearing the QSO Info panel  should place the cursor in the Callsign textbox 4.2.1
299 with Contest Mode enabled, clicking the Spot, Begin, End, or Help buttons should move cursor focus to the RX# panel; if Contest Mode is not enabled, clicking these buttons should move cursor focus to the Transmit pane 4.2.1
300 double-clicking on a RTTY spot with soundcard RTTY configured for FSK operation sets the transceiver to the wrong frequency (regression introduced in 4.2.3) 4.2.4
301 InvokeSoundcardMacro DDE operation incorrectly reports "failure to execute" 4.2.5
302 don't retry a server that's reported down if a retry is already scheduled 4.2.7
303 when clearing the parallel port, set pin 17 to logical zero 4.3.0
304 ignore requests to close macro window while transmitting 4.3.1
305 ignore requests to edit macros while transmitting 4.3.2
306 "Copy to" window reverses RX# and TX# destinations 4.3.4
307 zero-fill the Stations Heard window's Age data to 3 digits for correct numeric sorting over long acquisition intervals  4.3.5
308 when in RTTY mode and a PSK spot database entry is double-clicked, properly activate the receive pane last active in PSK 4.3.6
309 spots generated while in phone mode contain the last CW frequency instead of the current phone frequency 4.3.8
310 PSK and RTTY sub-band definition file frequencies are not correctly read in non-US locales 4.3.9
311 Soundcard RTTY with net disabled should not set the RX frequency to the TX frequency after transmitting 4.4.0
312 correctly compute location from GPS in non-English locales 4.4.3
313 correct error in calculation of 6th grid square character from GPS location 4.4.4
314 don't send commands to the last selected parallel port if no parallel port is currently selected 4.4.5
315 when switching from AFSK soundcard RTTY to FSK soundcard RTTY operation, set the Net box to checked before disabling it 4.4.5
316 when operating FSK soundcard RTTY operation, don't allow the transmit frequency to be set by right-clicking in the waterfall display 4.4.5
317 don't clear the CW receive pane when restoring WinWarbler's Main window from being minimized 4.4.6
318 can't clear receive panes from right mouse menu (regression) 4.4.9
319 RTTY keyboard mode and XY display settings not persistent between sessions (regression) 4.5.0
320 Repeating Macro window doesn't remember its position between operating sessions 4.5.7
321 only display the CW Keying LED when WinWarbler is generating the CW (not the external modem or WinKey) 4.5.8
322 CW macro repetition doesn't work with a WinKey 4.5.9
323 eliminate errorlog.txt entry generated by WinWarblerSetup.GrabFocusOnSpotCheck_Click" 4.5.9
324 ensure that initiating a macro that starts with a <repeat> command leaves the mouse cursor in the Transmit Pane 4.6.0
325 initiating a macro that starts with a <repeat> command should place the mouse cursor in the Callsign textbox if Contest Mode is enabled, or in the Keyboard textbox if Contest Mode is not enabled 4.6.2
326 prevent macros initiated via the F10 key from hanging during execution due to Window's use of the F10 key 4.6.5
327 allow the user to enter a - or -0 in the PSK Clock Offset 4.6.9
328 prevent the keyboard font color from being reset to black 4.7.2
330 when switching between soundcard RTTY and external modem RTTY receive panes requires the transceiver frequency to change and the transceiver's split mode is enabled and "split frequency operation" is enabled, re-enable the transceiver's split mode after directing the transceiver to QSY 4.7.6
331 don't set the Transmit pane's font color to black when changing its font parameters  4.7.6
332 don't automatically reduce window widths and heights on the secondary monitor, since its size is indeterminate 4.7.6
333 clearing the Transmit pane via the right-click menu should not set its font color to black 4.7.7
329 if Commander is not running, changes to the "Xcvr Tx F" selector should be propagated to "Xcvr Rx F" 4.7.8
334 clearing the Transmit pane via the X button or the <clear_transmit_pane> macro command should not set its font color to black 4.7.8
335 with "split frequency operation" disabled, "Xcvr Tx F" and "Xcvr Rx F" should track Commander's RX frequency 4.7.9
336 don't generate an errorlog.txt entry when the "split frequency operation" is enabled with Commander not running 4.8.3
337 ensure that the tuning display frequencies are updated when a digital spot database entry is selected 4.8.4
338 correct tuning display regression introduced in 4.8.4 4.8.5
339 set correct transceiver TX frequency when activating a split mode RTTY spot 4.8.7
340 ensure that the horizontal pan slider is initialized to the middle of its range 4.8.8
341 prevent overflow in HeardForm.SetData 4.8.9
342 correct regression introduced in 4.8.7 that causes causes an errorlog.txt entry when a simplex RTTY spot is activated 4.9.0
343 correct PK900.txt for CW operation 4.9.0
344 when directed by SpotCollector to activate a simplex RTTY spot database entry, ensure that split mode is disabled 4.9.1
345 do nothing when the user unchecks a Tune box 4.9.3
346 ensure transceiver switches to transmit when tuning in RTTY mode 4.9.6
347 ensure that the Abort function properly terminates keying via Commander's serial port 4.9.8
348 disable the CW Abort button when transmitting CW via a transceiver with no ability to abort the transmitted CW 4.9.8
349 disable the CW WPM controls when transmitting CW via a transceiver with no ability to alter transmitted CW speed 4.9.8
350 auto start, auto stop, character-mode, and word-mode options work correctly when transmitting CW via the transceiver control application  4.9.8
351 when transmitting CW via the transceiver control application, display transmitted characters in the receive panel if the "display xmit/rcv" characters box is checked 4.9.8
352 disallow transmission of CW elements via XCVR CTRL SW (enhancement #500) 4.9.9
353 don't generate an errorlog.txt entry if the user clicks the color selector's cancel button 5.0.0
354 when switching to phone mode on 60m, set the sideband to USB 5.0.1
355 when transmitting CW or RTTY, convert to 0 5.0.2
356 disable handshaking in the CW and PTT serial ports 5.0.3
357 open and close PTT port on startup to reset modem control signals 5.0.4
359 remove "reset comm port" 5.0.6
360 EXTFSK.DLL should be included in the release 5.0.8
361 disable WinKey PTT on termination 5.1.0
358 ensure that Phone and CW RX and TX frequencies are updated when a spot is activated 5.1.2
363 starting CW transmission with Tuning enabled for a WinKey shouldn't disable the Stop and Abort buttons 5.1.2
362 don't increase waterfall height if doing so would make Main window height larger than screen height 5.1.3
363 if DXKeeper is connected and an attempt to perform a callbook lookup or log a QSO fails, inform the user 5.1.6
364 correct defect that prevents Phone RX and TX frequencies from being properly updated when activating Phone spots back-to-back, activating a non Phone spot, and then activating a Phone spot 5.1.9
365 when transmitting CW via Commander, ensure that all characters are transmitted when auto-stop is enabled 5.2.4
366 remove excess space characters generated by the <lastqso> macro command 5.2.9
367 avoid "expression too complex" errorlog.txt entries in PSKXCVR: UpdateReceiveFrequency, UpdateTransmitFrequency, UpdateTransmitToReceiveFrequency, and ComputeSignalStrength 5.3.2
368 limit the "FSK Control" selector in the "Modulation and transceiver mode" panel on the Config window's RTTY tab to serial ports 1 through 8, as MMTTY does not support ports 9 through 16 5.3.2
369 remaps EXTFSK from the FSK port selector from index of 17 to index of 9 (regression introduced in 5.3.2) 5.3.3
370 tolerate corrupted registry values when recovering Macro settings 5.3.4
371 in soundcard RTTY with FSK selected, properly set the transmit mark and space frequencies after the Optimal Offset function is invoked 5.3.5
372 correctly display the PSK transmit frequency (correct regression introduced in 5.3.2) 5.3.7
373 immediately update the PSK transmit frequency when the PSK offset is modified 5.3.8
374 don't reset the PTT port to 'none' when the "FSK Control" selector is set to ExtFSK 5.3.9
375 close the CW keying port after initializing it 5.4.0
376 relocate the large Operating Mode identifier into the "QSO Info"panel 5.4.5
377 relocate the large Operating Mode identifier to the right of the "Xcvr Freq" panel 5.4.6
378 correctly set the Phone RX and TX frequencies even if a phone transceiver mode isn't specified 5.4.7
379 disable the "QSO Info" panel's ? button while a callbook lookup is underway 5.4.7
380 eliminate errorlog.txt entry if transceiver reports WPM as 0 5.4.8
381 report correct frequencies in the Stations Heard and Channel Monitor windows if the PSK Transmit panel's Split box is enabled 5.4.9
382 tolerate an undefined DXCC entity in PSKDisplay.SetReceivePane 5.5.1
383 after the operating mode is changed, don't mis-interpret radio mode changes 5.5.2
384 reject any parallel port base address greater than 7FF8 hexadecimal 5.5.3
385 don't allow operating mode changes triggered by transceiver mode changes until initialization is complete 5.5.3
386 ensure accurate distinction between operating mode changes triggered by transceiver mode change and mode change triggered by a user gesture or directive from another DXLab application 5.5.3
387 correct regression that makes contest ID inaccessible to other DXLab applications 5.5.4
388 correct regression in DXCC.txt file 5.5.6
389 improve error logging in PSKDDEClient.RetryLookup 5.5.7
390 eliminate errorlog.txt entry generated by WinWarblerMain.RestoreFocus 5.5.7
391 don't direct Commander to change mode if the transceiver is already in the needed mode 5.5.8
392 when change mode to PSK31 or PSK63, don't change mode by using a DDE directive that changes both frequency and mode, thereby disabling split frequency operation and QSYing to the previous transmit frequency 5.5.8
393 when directed to change operating mode, don't use a DDE command that also resets split 5.5.9
394 if Commander isn't running when WinWarbler starts, don't disable the "Split frequency operation" option 5.5.9
395 ensure that both RX and TX frequencies are captured when the user double-clicks on a spot database entry with a QSX that is conveyed to WinWarbler 5.5.9
396 when directed to change operating mode with the Main window minimized, restore the Main window to its minimized state after modifying the window height as required by the operating mode change 5.6.1
397 closing the Position & Vector Configuration window should close the window rather than minimize it 5.6.1
398 properly update the frequency shown in the "PSK Transmit" panel when Net box is unchecked 5.6.1
399 if PhoneXcvr.StopTransmit finds the announcement queue empty, it should reset the Transmitting flag so macros can be edited 5.6.1
400 clicking the "QSO Info" panel's Log button will not clear the "QSO Info" panel if DXKeeper was connected at the outset and the Log operation failed or DXKeeper was no longer connected at the completion of the log operation 5.6.3
401 <clear_QSO> won't clear the "QSO Info" panel if a preceding <log_QSO> command in the same macro failed 5.6.3
402 correct a defect that prevents WinWarbler from correctly retrying when an attempt to log a QSO with DXKeeper fails due to a DDE error 5.6.3
403 compensate for Windows use of the F10 key 5.6.4
404 when a Canadian callsign is captured, the primary administrative subdivision selector should be labeled "province" 5.6.5
405 correct regression in 5.6.3 that precludes the display of CW characters decoded by an external modem 5.6.6
406 switching from CW to RTTY with both soundcard and external modem enabled does not properly restore the receive panes 5.6.6
407 when changing operating mode in response to a transceiver mode change with the Main window minimized, properly restore the correct window height and receive pane distribution 5.6.7
408 when attempting to connect to DXKeeper, immediately determine whether its running so as to avoid long delays if its not 5.6.8
409 correct regression in 5.6.8 that precludes entering or modifying an IOTA tag in the QSO Info panel 5.7.0
410 shrinking the QSO Info panel height in Phone mode doesn't properly shrink the Main window's height 5.7.1
411 correct QSO Info panel's tab order 5.7.1
412 properly handle <focus:> commands in macros assigned to the F10, Shift-F10, Alt-F10, and Alt-Shift-F10 keys 5.7.1
413 correct regression in 5.7.1 that prevents the Comment label from being visible in the QSO_Info panel 5.7.2
414 correct regression in 5.7.1 that makes search range and AFC limit settings unreadable on the Config window's PSK tab 5.7.3
415 eliminate errorlog.txt entry generated from DDEServer.SoundCardCmdTimer if Commander is not running when a Spot Database Entry is double-clicked 5.7.3
416 correct regression in 5.5.9 that causes double-click of a PSK spot database entry to not set the transceiver frequency 5.7.3
417 properly set focus after logging a QSO in Contest mode 5.7.4
418 provide a queue for characters received from other applications so that such characters can be quickly accepted, and so that display of such characters can be suspended 5.7.5
419 eliminate errorlog.txt entry from PSKXcvr.UpdateXCVRMode caused by regression in 5.7.3 5.7.6
420 eliminate overflow in CWXcvr.Enqueue 5.7.7
421 eliminate "HeardForm.SetOptionalHeardListColumns: A form can't be moved or sized while minimized or maximized" errorlog entry 5.8.0
422 eliminate "program error 365 in module PSKXcvr.Terminate: Unable to unload within this context" errorlog.txt entry during WInWarbler shutdown 5.8.0
423 populate the "Phone Soundcard" panel with soundcard Wave Out names 5.8.4
424 re-arrange the Config window's soundcard tab to display two panels so there's room to show full reception and transmission names 5.8.4
425 the "Mixer adjustments" panel's Transmission button should adjust the selected transmission soundcard 5.8.4
426 correctly handle 16 serial ports in the FSK Control selector 5.8.5
427 always inform MMTTY when changing the FSK Control, even if the port hasn't changed 5.8.5
428 tolerate spaces preceding or succeeding a callsign 5.8.6
429 ensure that a callsign is properly colored as to "need" on the first lookup after program startup 5.8.8
430 retract enhancement #589 5.8.9
431 QSOs logged with "LotW" unchecked should record LotW_Member as blank, no 'N' 5.8.9
432 automatic local spot generation when logging a QSO should be controlled by the "Automatic local spot" option on the Config window's Log tab 5.9.0
433 only activate a macro button explanatory popup window  if WinWarbler's Main Window has focus 5.9.1
435 moving the mouse cursor through any panel on WinWarbler's Main window clears the explanatory popup window 5.9.2
436 activating any other Window clears the explanatory popup window. 5.9.2
437 if after the mouse cursor encounters a Macro button and starts the 1 second timer the mouse cursor encounters another panel, cancel the timer 5.9.3
438 when the mouse cursor encounters a Macro button, reset the 1 second timer before starting it to avoid a premature trigger 5.9.3
439 when the mouse cursor encounters a Macro button, clear the popup explanation window 5.9.4
440 correct regression in CW cut numbers for <RSTsent>, <RSTreceived>, and <transmit_power> macros 5.9.4
441 clear the macro popup explanation window if the mouse cursor enters the waterfall 5.9.4
434 prevent an errorlog.txt entry in  WinWarblerMain.MacroCmd_MouseMove 5.9.5
442 correctly parse saved Macro files that contain only a title 5.9.5
443 relocate the macro popup window before displaying it to avoid an annoying "flash" 5.9.6
444 if the macro explanatory popup window it too wide, place its left border of the left border of WinWarbler's Main window 5.9.6
445 if the PSK Config window's Receive or Transmit Modulation panels are set to QPSK, then
  • log QSOs as QPSK31 or QPSK63
  • spot logged QSOs as QPSK31 or QPSK63
446 properly display long macros in the explanatory popup 6.0.0
447 properly initialize the current Mode display on startup 6.0.1
448 the <LastQSO> and <LastQSOFreq> macro substitution commands should display the Last QSO's band if no frequency was logged (requires DXKeeper 7.1.0 or later) 6.0.1
449 the  <LastQSOFreq> macro substitution command should work even if no frequency was logged (requires DXKeeper 7.1.0 or later) 6.0.1
450 ensure that characters transmitted in CW via WinKey are displayed after changing operating mode from RTTY to CW 6.0.4
451 don't create an errorlog.txt entry when terminating with WinKey running 6.0.5
453 don't prematurely stop transmitting before the callsign is transmitted in CW when terminating a PSK transmission with a CWID 6.0.6
454 when activating a monitored channel, render the decoding text in the active receive pane's current font color, not its default font color 6.0.9
455 properly initialize Receive Pane background colors shown on the Config window's Display tab 6.0.9
456 canceling a color selection should leave the color unchanged 6.0.9
457 display local time in the "QSO Info" panel if "display information in title bars" is disabled 6.1.1
458 convey outgoing spots to SpotCollector via the ConveySpot DDE command 6.1.3
459 the "clear QSO Info on callsign capture" property should not prevent the  "Item focus" panel's "RST Sent" option from working correctly 6.1.3
460 correct regression in 6.1.3 that disconnects DXKeeper when automatically generating a spot 6.1.4
461 don't redundantly insert the mode into outgoing cluster spot notes 6.1.6
462 when switching receive panes, properly enable/disable the Begin and End buttons as a function of that pane's QSO status 6.1.6
463 in HeardForm.ReportStation, don't generate an errorlog.txt entry if DXView fails to respond to a lookup request 6.1.7
464 eliminate bogus "WinWarblerSetup.SelectColor: Cancel was selected" errorlog entry 6.1.7
465 eliminate bogus errorlog.txt entry from DDEServerModule.Terminate 6.1.7
466 clicking the text in the Main window's "Operating Mode" panel should activate the associated mode 6.1.8
467 if the specified CW serial port is invalid, clear the port selector and update the Windows Registry so that WinWarbler doesn't attempt to open the invalid port the next time it is started 6.1.8
468 ensure that text pasted into the transmit pane via the Windows Clipboard is rendered in the correct font color 6.1.8
469 double-clicking a caption in the Main window's "Operating Mode" panel should not change operating modes 6.1.9
470 if the specified CW serial port is invalid, leave the port selector unmodified 6.1.9
471 doesn't generate an errorlog.txt entry in DDEServer.SoundCardCmdTimer_Time when handling a spot with a missing frequency 6.2.1
472 doesn't generate an errorlog.txt entry in PSKDisplay.UpdatePrevQSOInfo when reporting a last QSO whose frequency is missing 6.2.1
473 clicking on the color-coded panel to the left of a receive pane with the Operating Mode panel set to CW should suspend the display of decoded characters 6.2.4
474 export the DXCC prefix with the ADIF tag APP_DXKEEPER_DXCC_PREFIX 6.2.6
475 eliminate errorlog.txt entry generated by HeardForm.ReportStation 6.2.8
476 update the "copy to" window that appears when right-clicking selected text in a receive pane to handle primary and secondary administrative entities 6.2.8
477 correct an error in PSKDisplay.InitializeMode that produces an errorlog.txt entry from PSKDisplay.SetMode 6.3.0
478 correctly update the visibility of the Main window's Tuning Display height adjustment arrows when switching between RTTY and PSK operating modes 6.3.1
479 in RTTYXcvr.UpdateXCVRMode, don't direct Commander to change modes if not necessary 6.3.2
480 ensure that all DDE directives to Commander are fully initialized 6.3.5
481 reduce execution delay when directed by another application to execute a macro 6.3.7
482 restores the Split frequency Operation" option removed in 6.3.6 6.3.8
483 when choosing a startup operating mode that's consistent with the transceiver mode, ignore soundcard RTTY settings if soundcard RTTY is disabled, and ignore external modem settings if the external modem is disabled 6.3.9
484 before transmitting, replaces any "hi-byte" characters like   generated by <name> or <qth> substitution commands with their nearest equivalent 6.4.0
485 if the "assert PTT during CW" setting is not enabled, directs the WinKey to set its PTT lead and lag time to 0 6.4.2
487 ensure that the logged QSO end time does not precede the logged QSO start time 6.4.2
486 immediately update the WinKey sidetone when it enabled 6.4.3
487 immediately update the WinKey when the "assert PTT during CW" setting is changed 6.4.5
488 support the ability of Winkey version 20 and greater to simultaneously generate PTT and sidetone 6.4.5
489 ensure that the Stations Heard window's Vertical Scrollbar is fully visible 6.4.7
490 during RTTY operation, correctly determine the transceiver's current mode, thereby eliminating unnecessary mode change CAT commands 6.5.1
491 correctly switch from RTTY to Phone operation if the PTT Node set to "RTS+DTR" and the PTT Port panel set to None 6.5.3
492 don't include grid square in outgoing spot notes unless spot frequency is 50 mhz or higher 6.5.3
493 issue a "Host Close" command to a WinKey keyer when terminating WinWarbler while in CW mode 6.5.4
493 issue a "Host Close" command to a WinKey keyer when terminating CW operation 6.5.6
494 ensure that Windows can terminate with WinWarbler running 6.5.8
495 correctly implement the Mixer Adjustment Reception and Transmission buttons on Windows 7 6.5.9
496 ensure initialization of the WinKey PTT and Sidetone settings 6.6.1
497 disable the WinKey  "paddle-only" sidetone option when Sidetone is disabled 6.6.2
498 improve accuracy of RX and TX frequency displays when operating mode is PSK 6.6.3
499 improve frequency selection accuracy when double-clicking an entry in the Broadband Decoder 6.6.3
500 do not configure startup macros to load illustrative macro sets for PSK, RTTY, and CW, thereby replacing macros defined by the user. 6.6.7
501 restore ability to select a PSK QSO by double-clicking an entry in the channel monitor window 6.6.8
502 restore ability to select a PSK QSO by clicking a channel marker above the Tuning display 6.6.8
503 make sample macros locale-independent 6.6.8
504 do not configure startup macros to load illustrative macro sets for PSK, RTTY, and CW unless no macro definitions have been saved in the Windows Registry 6.6.9
505 prevent a "division by zero" errorlog.txt entry from being generated by WinKeyModule.CWWeight 6.7.0
506 don't strip leading angle brackets when logging a QSL Msg 6.7.0
507 prevent the possibility of sending a CW character without a subsequent inter-character space 6.7.1
508 when a QSO is initialized in the QSO Info panel with DXKeeper running, convey the Contest ID to the Capture window 6.7.3
509 enforces user-defined item styles defined in DXKeeper 6.7.4
510 updates the Capture window's Primary item after performing a lookup 6.7.4
511 correct tab order and provide explanatory popups for user-defined fields in the "QSO Info" panel 6.7.7
512 when directed by SpotCollector to service an activated CW spot database entry, direct Commander to change the transceiver's frequency and mode using the FreqMode DDE command before sending a "mode change" DDE command 6.7.8
513 corrects a regression in 6.7.8 in the manual entry of receive signal reports in the "QSO Info" panel 6.7.9
514 when handling a "new station" directive from SpotCollector, ensure that the operating mode change is complete before populating the QSO Info panel 6.8.0
515 when switching to a PSK mode, send Commander a "set frequency and mode" command rather than send individual "set frequency" and "set mode" commands so that transceiver-specific order requirements are satisfied 6.8.0
516 correctly apportion space among display panes 6.8.3
517 ignore a mode change when a mode change is already in progress 6.8.5
518 eliminate unnecessary receive pane adjustments when transmitting RTTY 6.8.6
519 make the "AFC", "BPF", Notch", and "Reverse" checkbox captions be active 6.8.7
520 handle parallel port base addresses in the range 7FFF to FFF0 6.8.9
521 when the parallel port is used for CW keying, pin 1 (strobe) should be asserted whenever WinWarbler's operating mode is set to CW 6.9.0
522 parallel port pin 1 should at 0 VDC when CW via the parallel port is enabled, and +5 VDC when it's not enabled 6.9.1
523 the "use SpotCollector's callsign colors" setting should persist between operating sessions 6.9.2
524 consider sub-mode when deciding whether or not to direct Commander to change the mode to RTTY 6.9.2
525 ignore SpotCollector activations that don't specify a frequency 6.9.4
526 allow the FSK Control selector to specify serial ports greater than 8 6.9.4
527 reliably switch PKT/Data mode captions 6.9.5
528 correct explanatory popups in the "Operating Mode Selection" panel and the PSK "Transceiver Mode" panel to properly reflect the availability of PKT, PKT-R, Data-L, and Data-U transceiver modes 6.9.6
529 correctly set Operating Mode on startup when transceiver mode is Data-L or Data-U 6.9.7
530 correctly restore PSK receive pane frequencies from the previous operating session when starting a new operating session 6.9.7
531 when Commander reports a change in the transceiver's CW speed, don't direct Commander to change the transceiver's CW speed in response 6.9.8
532 when switching primary transceivers, accurately track the selected primary transceiver's CW capability 6.9.8
533 select the correct operating mode on startup when the transceiver's mode is set to CW-R 6.9.9
534 disabling "show control explanations" should prevent control explanations in the receive panes from appearing 7.0.2
535 tolerate corrupted Heard List registry settings 7.0.4
536 inform the user if a LoadMacrobank or LoadFullMacrobank command cannot open the specified file 7.0.5
537 prevent the specification of invalid frequencies in the "Preset Frequencies" panel on the Configuration window's General tab 7.0.5
538 tolerate corrupted registry entries 7.0.5
539 tolerate and report missing MS Sans Serif and Small fonts 7.0.7
540 refuse to start if an instance is already running 7.1.0
541 when the PSK Opt button is clicked, wait 5 seconds before re-enabling Search and AFC on the current receive channel 7.1.1
542 if SpotCollector is installed and any of its specified spot database display background colors is "too dark", use default foreground and background colors in the Main window's "QSO Info" panel 7.1.1
543 display full error message when the CW serial port can't be opened 7.1.2
544 in response to a spot database entry being double-clicked, set user-defined items in the Main window's "Log QSOs" panel to their specified default values 7.1.2
545 when operating RTTY AFSK, clear and disable ("gray out") the "RTTY Transmit" panel's Net box when Commander reports the transceiver to be operating in Split and the "Split frequency operation" box is checked on the Configuration window's General tab 7.1.5
546 when operating PSK, clear and disable ("gray out") the "PSK Transmit" panel's Net box when Commander reports the transceiver to be operating in Split and the "Split frequency operation" box is checked on the Configuration window's General tab 7.1.5
547 remove defect repairs 545 and 546; when Commander reports the transceiver to be operating in Split and the "Split frequency operation" box is checked on the Configuration window's General tab, ignore Net when displaying the transmit frequency in RTTY operation 7.1.6
548 immediate store modified color settings to the Windows Registry 7.1.8
549 properly convey the status of Contest Mode to DXKeeper  7.2.1
550 when a callsign is captured in the Main window's QSO Info panel with DXKeeper running, properly initialize user-defined items to the defaults specified in the "User Items" tab of DXKeeper's Configuration window 7.2.2
551 prevent race condition in CWXCVR.Initialize 7.2.4
552 when starting in other than CW mode with CW keying configured for WinKey, don't initialize the WinKey 7.2.5
553 if no Auto Archive pathname is specified or if the specified pathname does not exist, do not attempt to archive received characters and note this status on the Auto Archive panel caption 7.2.6
554 include ANT_PATH in an exported QSO whether or not an antenna azimuth has been logged 7.2.7
555 prevent an errorlog.txt file entry from being generated by PSKDDEClient.PulseCombo when logging a QSOs with a user-defined item whose style is list but for which no items have been defined 7.2.9
556 corrects a defect in the operation of CW "auto stop" when transmitting CW via Commander 7.3.3
557 don't strip leading angle brackets when logging a Comment 7.3.4
558 don't consider Commander to have disconnected if the Escape key is struck during a DDE action 7.3.5
559 when the Operating Mode is CW or RTTY, ignore a character being transmitted by a <file:> macro command 7.3.5
560 allow the US State selector to be set to DC 7.3.6
561 use center of Maidenhead Grid square rather than southwest corner 7.3.6
562 terminate CW element timer before shutdown 7.3.6
563 when the Keying panel on the Configuration window's CW tab is set to "external modem" or "Xcvr Ctrl App", uncheck the PTT panel's "assert PTT during CW" box and disable the PTT panel 7.3.6
564 When the Keying panel on the Configuration window's CW tab is set to "external modem" or "Xcvr Ctrl App", disable the "CW Transmit" panel's PTT checkbox 7.3.7
565 enable ESC to reliably terminate CW transmission via "Xcvr CTRL App" and enable the End key to terminate transmission in all modes 7.3.8
566 when switching soundcard RTTY profiles, update the "RTTY receive" panel's BPF, Notch, and DPF settings 7.4.0
567 prevent the <spot_cluster> and <spot_local> macros from producing outgoing spots whose notes specify the mode twice 7.4.2
568 properly initialize the message sent to Commander when implementing a <PriXcvr> macro 7.4.3
569 prevent an errorlog.txt file entry from being generated in WinWarblerMain.AltNavigate 7.4.4
570 when navigating to a textbox in the QSO Info panel with a keyboard shortcut, place the mouse cursor at the end of any text already present 7.4.4
571 when operating from a locale whose decimal separator is not the period character, properly export the Freq and Freq_RX items to the minilog 7.4.5
572 rename the "Paste (transmit from clipboard)" right-mouse menu item to "Paste (insert Clipboard into Transmit Pane)" 7.4.6
573 prevent errorlog.txt file entries from being created in WarblerMain.ToolTipTimer_Timer and WinWarblerMain.Display_MouseDown 7.4.6
574 ensure correct WinKey startup 7.4.7
575 in PSK or RTTY with the transceiver in split, the waterfall should default to displaying the receive frequency 7.4.8
576 in PSK, prevent CALL1 or CALL2 from appearing in Waterfall marker tool tips 7.4.8
577 when a simplex PSK Spot Database Entry is double-clicked and the Split box is unchecked in the "Transmit (PSK)" panel of WinWarbler's Main window, direct Commander to disable "Dual Receive" as well as Split 7.4.9
578 properly store the name of a soundcard RTTY profile 7.5.2
579 when starting to Transmit with the "Transmit PSK" panel's Split box checked, direct Commander to set the transceiver's transmit VFO to the optimal transmission frequency, not the transceiver's receive VFO 7.5.2
580 when split, the Broadband Decoder should follow the same VFO used by the Tuning Display 7.5.2
581 unchecking the "Transmit PSK" panel's Split box should not disable Split or Dual 7.5.3
582 take the number of visible panes into account when computing the minimum window height 7.5.4
583 prevent PTT hang in macro where <start> is followed by <stop> but MMTTY engine has not begun transmitting by the time the <stop> is encountered 7.5.6
584 enable the Equalize right-click menu item for the 2Tone receive pane 7.5.9
585 better maintain the space allocation between the MMTTY and 2Tone receive panes when the Main window is resized 7.5.9
586 properly transmit KN prosign via WinKey 7.6.2
587 update the transceiver frequency when switching from a non-RTTY mode to soundcard RTTY with 2Tone enabled 7.6.4
588 when the "Local spot on callsign acquisition" option is enabled, obey the "Item focus after callsign entry" panel setting 7.6.6
589 when a PSK spot database entry is activated, clear the transceiver's Split and Dual receive 7.6.7
590 corrects regression in 7.7.0 when exporting latitudes and longitudes with Windows configured for a non-English locale 7.7.1
591 accept " in the latitude and longitude boxes in the "Position and Vector Configuration" window's Latitude and Longitude boxes 7.7.2
592 properly compute the a QSO's distance when it's latitude and longitude are determined from a callbook lookup performed by DXKeeper 7.7.2
593 improve mi-km conversion accuracy 7.7.2
594 update the Windows Registry with changes made directly to the ".wav file folder" on the Configuration window's Phone tab 7.7.3
595 make no change to the  ".wav file folder" on the Configuration window's Phone tab if the "Browse for Folder" window's Cancel button is clicked 7.7.3
596 if the "Position and Vector Configuration" window's Position panel specifies a grid square but not a latitude or longitude, then when logging a QSO, compute and populate the latitude and longitude  7.7.5
597 don't update the grid square, latitude, or longitude in the "Position and Vector Configuration" window's Position  panel with blank values being broadcast by DXKeeper 7.7.6
598 when the CW or RTTY panel's Tune boxes are checked, restore mouse cursor focus to the Transmit pane if not in contest mode, or the RX# box if in contest mode 7.8.0
599 correct a regression in 7.7.9 that omits the Band from the exported ADIF record 7.8.2
600 correctly generate outgoing spots from the "Outgoing Spot" window 7.8.4
601 when running on Windows 8 or 8.1, properly activate the correct Windows Mixer Record control when it is invoked in the "Mixer adjustments" panel on the Configuration window's Soundcard panel 7.8.5
602 when running on Windows 8 or 8.1, properly activate the correct Windows Mixer Playback control when it is invoked in the "Mixer adjustments" panel on the Configuration window's Soundcard panel 7.8.6
603 if transmitting CW with autostart disabled or Word mode enabled, don't transmit text generated by a macro unless transmission is already in progress 7.8.6
604 When running Windows 7, 8, or 8.1, display the Control Panel Sound window's Playback tab when the  Transmission button is clicked in the "Mixer adjustments" panel on the Configuration window's Soundcard panel 7.8.7
605 when the PSK "Receive Channel N" panel's Opt function is invoked, don't enable "search" if AFC is disabled 7.8.7
606 prevent errorlog.txt entry in HeardForm.popDelete_Click 7.8.8
607 ignore DXKeeper's report of a "search callbook" operation initiated by SpotCollector 7.9.0
608 correct regression in 7.9.0 that prevents lookups when a spot database entry activated in SpotCollector is conveyed to WinWarbler with "automatic lookup" enabled 7.9.1
609 correct regression in 7.8.5 that transmits an extra CW trigger character with auto start enabled and word mode enabled 7.9.1
610 correct regression in 7.8.9 that prevents correct operation when a <stop> command is executed while not transmitting 7.9.2
611 set correct transceiver mode when MMTTY startup is in progress 7.9.3
612 correct regression in 7.8.9 that causes text to be transmitted twice when "stacking" macros 7.9.4
613 prevent "out of memory" error when convey a directive to Commander 7.9.4
614 correct regression in 7.8.9 that prevents <13> and <10> macro commands from working correctly in PSK and RTTY operating mode 7.9.4
615 revert to 2Tone 13.10b 7.9.5
616 when the soundcard name saved in the Windows Registry doesn't match the name associated with the soundcard number saved in the Windows Registry, update the saved soundcard name 7.9.6
617 if the  "cmd" checkbox in the Main window's RTTY or CW transmit panel is checked, immediately convey text generated by a macro or a paste operation to the external modem 7.9.9
618 an outgoing spot generated by clicking the "QSO Info" panel's Spot button should not include the spot notes specified in the "Outgoing Spot" window 8.0.0
619 correct regression in 7.8.5 that prevents correct operation with external modems that don't support type-ahead 8.0.1
620 correct regression in 7.8.5 that prevents correct operation with external modems that don't support type-ahead 8.0.2
621 correct regression in 7.8.5 that prevents correct operation of CW auto stop in word-mode 8.0.3
622 when directed by an external application to QSY to split RTTY RX and TX frequencies and the MMTTY engine not running, correctly set the RX and TX frequencies 8.0.4
623 when directed to a RTTY station operating split, don't send incorrect CAT commands to a transceiver that supports sub-modes 8.0.5
624 correct transceiver frequency tool tip (KHz => kHz) 8.0.7
625 restore "QSO Info" panel font sizes 8.0.8
626 when operating in RTTY mode, suppress the display of transmit tones when the Net option is disabled 8.1.1
627 don't display transmit frequency tone markers when operating FSK 8.1.2
628 only save RTTY soundcard and external modem transceiver modes to the Registry if they've been initialized 8.1.3
629 notify the user if the selected  RTTY soundcard or external transceiver mode is not specified 8.1.3
630 if an optimal RTTY offset box is cleared, don't automatically set it to 2210 8.1.3
631 remove leading or trailing spaces in the Station Callsign, Operator Callsign, or Owner Callsign when resolving a macro substitution command or logging a QSO 8.1.4
632 In CW mode, prevent the F4 key from initiating transmission 8.1.4
633 ensure that the Callsign on the Main window's Log tab is colored to reflect "need"  8.1.5
634 ensure that all boxes in the "QSO Info" panel use the "MS Sans Serif" font  8.1.9
635 prevent delete and backspace keystrokes from having any effect in the "QSO Info" panel's WPX box  8.1.9
636 include WPX box in the tab sequence and "QSO Info" panel font changes, and allow user to modify its contents 8.2.0
637 when handling a double-clicked Spot Database Entry, properly initialize the "QSO Info" panel's "Ant Path" selector 8.2.1
638 don't direct DXView to perform a lookup that doesn't specify either a callsign or a prefix 8.2.6
639 prevent an unnecessary DXView lookup when responding to a "activate spot" directive from SpotCollector 8.2.6
640 when directing DXView to perform a lookup when a receive pane is activated, make it synchronous rather than asynchronous 8.2.7
641 send a message to DXView whenever the Operating Mode changes 8.2.8
642 In the "QSO Info" panel, display Sec instead of "Sec Sub" 8.3.0
643 restore DDE broadcast of operating mode removed in 8.2.8 8.3.0
644 correctly size Main window in CW mode with transmitted characters not displayed when reducing "QSO Info" panel to minimum height 8.3.1
645 obtain DXKeeper's "my QTH" information via a single cell 8.3.2
646 back out #640 8.3.3
647 correct regression in 8.2.7 that caused incorrect handling of DX stations on Commander's Bandspread for which no DXCC Prefix is specified 8.3.4
648 record the transmit/receive state with each character decoded by the MMTTY engine 8.3.7
650 no longer require an external modem serial port to be opened in order to enable external modem operation 8.4.2
651 always use period as a decimal separator in outgoing spot notes that specify a split frequency 8.4.3
652 Operating Mode Selection should work correctly when an Operating Mode has not been selected for each transceiver mode 8.4.4
654 correct regression in 8.4.3 8.4.5
655 when WinWarbler starts with the transceiver in DIGL or DIGU, choose the correct Operating Mode 8.4.7
656 remember MultiRadio PTT Mode and PSK Xcvr settings between operating sessions 8.4.7
657 when switching transceivers in RTTY mode and remaining in RTTY mode, re-enable macros and execute the RTTY startup macro (if enabled) 8.4.7
658 don't reset the external RTTY modem twice when switching transceivers 8.4.8
659 correctly reset WinKey when switching transceivers 8.5.1
660 eliminate redundant WinKey.enable 8.5.2
661 handle transceivers that transmit CW but don't report CW speed 8.5.3
662 when transmitting CW, properly clear transmit pane after all characters have been transmitted 8.5.3
663 when switching between transceivers in CW mode with both transceivers using the same Winkey, don't disable and then re-enable the WinKey  8.5.3
664 tolerate invalid characters in the CW Transmit panel's WPM box without generating an entry in the errorlog.txt file 8.5.4
665 properly handle a "new station" request whose DXCC Prefix is set to ? 8.5.5
666 correct regression caused by 664 8.5.5
667 tolerate missing data in message from DXKeeper (DDECommon) 8.5.7
668 correctly implement PSK identification timer 8.5.7
669 when restoring a window's position with "use multiple monitors" enabled, properly determine whether or not the window can be displayed on a physical monitor 8.5.8
670 correct regression in 8.5.7 that prevents buttons in "Mixer adjustments" panel from working correctly 8.5.8
671 when changing the operating mode to PSK with Split enabled, don't change the transceiver frequency 8.6.3
672 remove a redundant word from the "CW keying will be accomplished" message 8.6.4
675 with the operating mode set to RTTY and Commander running,
if split is enabled, uncheck and disable the Net box; if split is disabled, enable the Net box
676 reliably act on a reported switch of primary transceiver 8.6.6
677 the "Default Colors" button on the Configuration window's Display tab should save the Transmit Pane's foreground and background colors to the Windows Registry 8.6.7
678 when the primary transceiver switches with WinWarbler in an operating mode other than RTTY, properly update the MMTTY's engine's soundcard selection 8.6.7
679 when the primary transceiver switches with WinWarbler in RTTY operating mode, ensure that the MMTTY engine restarts when the 2-Tone engine is not enabled 8.6.7
680 when switching transceivers, provide sufficient time for new transceiver to complete VFO initialization 8.6.8
681 when sending CW with AutoStart in "word mode", place transmission trigger characters in keyboard pane 8.6.9
682 if a Mixer Adjustment panel button is clicked with no soundcard selected, inform the user rather than generate an entry in the errorlog.txt file 8.7.0
683 re-caption "Audio Recording" button on the Configuration window's General tab 8.7.1
684 when started with audio recording disabled, the "QSO Info" panel's audio button should display the "disabled" icon 8.7.2
685 the log_qso and log_eqsl_qso macro commands should not stop audio recording 8.7.3
686 <log_qso: audio> and <log_qso_eqso: audio> macro commands rename the audio file to be saved when recording is terminated 8.7.3
687 when transmitting ! in CW, send -.-.-- 8.7.7
688 prevent deletion of an audio file whose filename has just been logged with a QSO 8.7.7
689 reverse 687: when transmitting ! in CW, send ...-. (pro-sign SN) 8.7.8
690 when sending CW with AutoStart in "character mode", place transmission trigger characters in keyboard pane 8.7.9
691 when generating CW via a WinKey and the WinKey reports a paddle closure (break-in), do not abort transmission 8.8.1
692 when generating CW via a WinKey and the WinKey reports a paddle closure (break-in), wait until the break-in is complete to abort transmission 8.8.2
693 when operating RTTY with both the MMTTY engine and external RTTY modem enabled, consider QSO selector setting when computing the transceiver frequency in response to a Spot Database Entry being activated by a double-click 8.3.3
694 when terminating, notify DXView that no operating mode is selected 8.8.4
695 correctly handle QSO Info panel previously configured with 8 or 10 rows of textboxes 8.8.6
696 ensure that the PTT serial port's RTS and DTR are disabled when opening the port 8.8.8
607 prevent errorlog.txt entry generated by MonitorForm.MonitorList_DblClick 8.8.9
608 prevent errorlog.txt entry when loading macros from an incomplete or corrupted file 8.8.9
609 de-assert RTS and DTR when closing the RTTY modem serial port and GPS serial port 8.8.9
610 if a version of SComm32 other than 9.1.2 is installed, uninstall it and terminate WinWarbler so that 9.1.2 will be installed on the next start 8.8.9
611 invoke InitScomm with port as argument 8.9.0
612 prevent program error 521 in module WinWarblerMain.Display_Click: Can't open Clipboard 8.9.0
613 use Scomm32x.ocx version 9.1.2 to prevent RTS from being briefly asserted when a serial port is opened 8.9.1
614 prevent infinite recursion in MMTTYModule.InitializeMMTTYParameters 8.9.1
615 if a new version of Scomm32x.ocx is available in WinWarbler's Components folder, move it to WinWarbler's folder and register it 8.9.2
616 tolerate the SoundStereo parameter not being defined in MMTTY.ini 8.9.2
617 eliminate the unnecessary suspension and restart of the MMTTY engine on startup 8.9.2
618 ensure that the "QSO Info" panel's Notes textbox is properly rendered when running on Windows 10 8.9.3
619 close the external RTTY serial port (if open) before shutting down the MMTTY engine, and re-open it after shutdown is complete 8.9.4
620 prevent errorlog.txt file entries from closing a serial port that is already closed 8.9.4
621 when receiving DX station information from SpotCollector with DXView running, prevent a redundant lookup directive to DXView 8.9.5
622 enables DXKeeper's Capture window to track "QSO Info" panel information when the "automatic lookup" option is disabled and a new callsign is captured in the "QSO Info" panel by direct entry or double-clicking a decoded callsign 8.9.6
623 enables DXKeeper's Capture window to track "QSO Info" panel information when the "automatic lookup" option is disabled and WinWarbler is activated by double-clicking a Spot Database Entry 8.9.7
624 don't send a CWAbortCommand to Commander, which considers it a no-op 8.9.9
625 correct a regression in WinWarbler 8.9.9 that prevents decoded callsigns from being correctly captured 8.9.9
626 prevent WinWarblerMain.ModeButton_Click, Index = 3, State = 64: Invalid control array index 9.0.4
627 ignores > or < characters typed into a macro title 9.0.5
628 enable mousewheel control for sliders in the Configuration window's PSK and RTTY tabs 9.0.5
629 don't execute the <LOG_LOTW_QSO> or <LOG_EQSL_LOTW_QSO> macro commands if the information in the "QSO Info" panel is not valid 9.0.7
630 double-click of QSO Info panel's Az label when Az item is empty should filter DXKeeper's Log Page Display to contain QSOs with no specified Az item 9.0.7
631 abort CW transmission via WinKey as soon as the WinKey reports a paddle break-in while busy after being busy with no paddle break-in 9.0.8
632 improve rendering of Macro buttons on Main window 9.0.9
633 increase rate at which WinKey status messages are requested 9.0.9
634 when WinKey transmission is underway, require sequential status responses with Busy=1 and Breakin=0 prior to a status response with Busy=1 and Breakin=1  to abort transmission 9.0.9
635 when transmitting CW using a Winkey, breaking in with a paddle connected to the Winkey should terminate any currently repeating macro when between repetitions 9.1.1, 9.1.2
636 when DXView reports a new antenna heading, update the antenna path 9.1.4
637 correctly handle missing system folders when creating the data folder 9.1.6
638 update DXCC.text to define Kingman Reef as deleted 9.1.7 
639 correctly implement the <xcvrxmitoffset> macro command by invoking the SplitSuppressDualUpdateModeCommand provided by Commander 13.3.8 or later 9.1.8
640 when switching transceivers, prevent an errorlog.txt file entry in module MultiRadio.NewTransceiver 9.1.9
641 correctly display CW and Phone transmit and receive frequencies accurate to 1 hertz 9.2.1
642 correctly perform lookup when callsign has leading or trailing blank characters 9.2.2
643 recover if the specified Monitor window font doesn't support the specified Monitor window font size 9.2.4
644 recover if a specified font isn't available 9.2.4
645 correctly handle a backspace when transmitting CW character-by-character via WinKey 9.2.6
646 add <myqthsig> and <myqthsiginfo> to the Macro editor's selection of valid macros 9.3.1
647 in a macro containing the <cwspeed> command, properly send characters preceding the command 9.3.2
648 when sending CW via a WinKey, don't replace the digits 1, 2, 3, or 4 typed into the WPM box with a 5 9.3.4
649 when sending CW via a WinKey, properly handle out-of-range WPM values specified in a <CWSPEED> macro 9.3.5
650 correctly update the Main window caption to reflect the existence of an errorlog.txt file 9.3.7
651 correctly update MultiRadio 2Tone initialization files when switching transceivers 9.3.8
652 provide validity checking and documentation for <log> macros that direct DXKeeper to upload the logged QSO to Club Log  9.3.9
653 correct regression in WinWarbler 9.3.5 that loses the MMTTY "PTT & FSK port" 9.4.2
654 when transmitting CW via WinKey, prevent a delay in transmission when the first character is a carriage return or line feed 9.4.4
655 when transmitting CW via WinKey, prevent a delay in transmission when the leading characters are carriage returns or line feeds 9.4.6
656 correct regression in 9.4.8 that prevents correct display of the Spectrum/Waterfall when the Operating Mode is set to RTTY or PSK 9.4.9
657 correctly displays "QSO Info" panel when running on Windows 10 and Windows 11 9.5.0
658 display correct confirmation message when a "QSO Info" layout update is declined  9.5.2
659 use a separate item to indicate that the number of active "QSO Info" rows stored in the Registry is irrelevant 9.5.3
660 include SIG and SIG_INFO in logged ADIF record 9.5.4
661 correct a regression in WinKey support introduced in WinWarbler 9.4.6 9.5.5
662 correct a regression in WinKey support for the  <CWSPEED> macro introduced in WinWarbler 9.4.6 9.5.6
663  prevent errorlog.txt entry erroneously generated by PSKMinilog.Log when the "refuse to log if missing DXCC" option is disabled 9.5.8
664 prevent an errorlog.txt entry from module PSKDDEClient.SearchComplete, State = 25 9.5.9
665 eliminates excessively long inter-word spaces when transmitting CW via DTR or RTS 9.6.0
666 correct regression in defect repair 665 9.6.1

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