MRP40 to DXLab Gateway


The MRP to DXLab Gateway enables the MRP40 and MRP40-SDR applications to convey decoded CW to the CW receive pane in WinWarbler.   The Gateway is free, and contains no advertising; commercial use is expressly forbidden.

To install the Bridge, download its zip archive and place the executable it contains into your WinWarbler folder. This executable won't run if you haven't installed WinWarbler.

The Gateway must be started with "Run as Administrator", or it will be unable to connect with your MRP40 application; this requirement does not make it necessary to start WinWarbler with "Run as Administrator".

You can start your MRP40 application, WinWarbler, and the Gateway in any order. The Gateway maintains a small window that displays the status of its connection to our MRP40 application and WinWarbler; during normal operation, the Gateway's main window can be minimized, as its primary purpose is to permit the Gateway to be terminated when desired.

On the CW tab of WinWarbler's Configuration window, check the display xmit/rcv characters box near the upper-right corner. Then on its Main window, set WinWarbler's Operating Mode panel to CW. Characters decoded by MRP40 will appear in WinWarbler's CW Receive Pane, from which information can be captured and logged.

If you have questions or suggestions, please send them via email to the DXLab reflector.

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