Log Conversion Utilities and Techniques


DXKeeper can import ADIF-compliant log files, and tab-delimited files saved from spreadsheet applications. If your current log can not be exported in these formats, the following utilities and techniques may be of use in generating and ADIF log file. 

ADIF County Conversion - a program by AD1C that converts US county abbreviations in the ADIF files generated by certain contesting applications to a valid ADIF CNTY field.

ADIF Master

BV - free QSL Management and Label/QSL printing with a log conversion utility

Contest Log Converter - program by I4UFH that enable interchange among contest logs created with CT, TR, and NA.

Converting a Spreadsheet or Column-oriented Text Log (like Cabrillo) to ADIF - techniques from Rich VE3IAY for using a spreadsheet program to generate ADIF-compliant log files

DX2ADIF - converts an ADIF file generated by DX4WIN to more standard ADIF format:  frequency field, QSL_VIA field, changes PSK/PSK3 to PSK31 mode, adds NAME and QTH fields (from DX4WIN's CALLSIGN NOTES field). An OPERATOR field can also be added; available via http://sp7dqr.waw.pl/eng/convert_en.html#DX2ADIF .

- a program by F6DEX that converts logs from DXLog and Easylog to ADIF

EasyLog 5.x to DXLab Converter - EL5ToDXLab converts an EasyLog 5.x log to an ADIF file compliant with version 3.0.9 and readable by DXKeeper. The program doesn't need any installation (it is portable). Multilingual (only Italian and English for now). Brief documentation included.

EDI to ADIF - a program that converts EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) files to ADIF (Amateur Data Interchange Format). EDI is standard recommended by IARU for sending files in UKV/VHF/SHF contests in first IARU region

to ADIF conversion is available via http://www.dxlabsuite.com/Converters/FastLogToAdif100.zip .

- a log conversion program

Input File Types Output File Types
  • ADIF format (.ADI)

  • ARRL format (.LOG)

  • CT v7, v8, v9 (.BIN)

  • DX Cluster (.DAT)

  • DX Info (.DAT)

  • NA v7, v9 (.QDF)

  • TR Log (.DAT)

  • WRTC (.LOG)

  • ADIF format (.ADI)

  • ARRL format (.LOG)

  • Cabrillo (.CAB)

  • CT v8 (.BIN)

  • dBase (.DBF)

  • DXBase (.SDF)

  • TR Log (.DAT)



PROADIKON - a program that converts logging data from the following applications to ADIF

  • ARMAP 98/99/2000 (written by ARcomm)

  • DAS LOG (written by DK8AT)

  • DXLog (written by K3PA)

  • EasyLog (written by IK1TZO, IW1DGL)

  • Eurowinlog (written by DL7QY)

  • Fivenine (written by DL1ELY)

  • HAM-LCT (written by HB9CQV)

  • HM-Log (written by DL6HBI)

  • LogPlus (written by N7XR)

  • Log-Projekt (written by DH0HQI)

  • Microsoft Excel