Using the Reverse Beacon Network with DXLab


SpotCollector accepts DX and WWV spots from up to six different sources to ensure access in the face of network and cluster outages, and to accelerate the delivery of needed spots from around the world. Its easy to add additional telnet clusters (highlighted in red) and to add access to the DX Summit web cluster (highlighted in green):



With these new spot sources online, SpotCollector automatically integrates all of these spot streams into its local Spot Database:



The Source column added on the right makes it easy to see the contributions from multiple spot sources; the appearance of stations operating in SSB and JT6M also reveals that the spot sources have been augmented. 

While we've been exploring SpotCollector, every new Spot Database Entry is being checked against the award progress in my log to see if any station QRV would advance my DXCC or WAZ award progress.


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