Dealing with Ambiguous or Non-compliant Callsigns, and Specifying Additional Information for a Callsign

Some callsigns are ambiguous, in that it is not possible to determine their DXCC entity from the callsign alone. Common examples include callsigns from the North Cook Islands or South Cook Islands, and callsigns whose prefix is TO.

When a station signing TO5RZ appears in St. Barthelemy, one approach would be to add this callsign to the DXCC database under the appropriate DXCC entity. However, the same callsign might appear the following year in Martinique, resulting in an incorrect callsign-to-entity determination. To deal with callsigns that are both ambiguous and transient, DXView provides 16 overrides, each of which allow you to quickly associate a callsign with a DXCC entity, and then quickly eliminate this association when the station QRTs.

You can use an override to compensate for a callsign that violates prefix conventions, e.g. K5D on Desecheo Island.

You can also use overrides to specify a callsign's CQ or DARC country, primary administrative subdivision, CQ zone, ITU zone, IOTA group, grid square, and time zone.

Creating an Override

To create an override for TO5RZ in St. Barthelemy,

  1. open DXView's Config window, and select the Overrides tab

  2. select the DXCC Entity, Location sub-tab

  3. in the first empty row, type TO5RZ into that row's callsign textbox and set that row's Entity selector to St. Barthelemy (if you do this by typing, strike the Enter key after entering the entity name)

  4. select the CQ, ITU, Grid, IOTA, Time sub-tab

  5. specify any additional information in your possession, e.g. a precise grid square or IOTA tag.

To create an entity override for a callsign located in a country defined by CQ or DARC, create the override based on the the callsign's DXCC entity, and then modify the override's Location to specify the a Region code for the CQ Prefix or WAE Prefix, e.g.

Bear Island <Reg:JW/B>

To specify an Primary Administrative Subdivision (US State, Canadian Province, Russian Oblast, etc.), modify the override's Location to specify the ADIF code for that subdivision, e.g.


for South Carolina.

Removing an Override

To remove an override for a station,

  1. open DXView's Config window, and select the Overrides tab

  2. click the X button to the right of the station's callsign from the callsign

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