Setting CQ DX Marathon Award Objectives

On the Awards tab of DXKeeper's Config window, checking the Realtime Award Progress box in the Marathon panel enables realtime award tracking for the CQ DX Marathon award administered by CQ Magazine. With this box checked, boxes in the Marathon panel determine

  1. which active DX stations SpotCollector highlights as needed and announces audibly, with a M in the Needed column for a needed CQ Marathon country and and an N in the Needed column for a needed CQ Marathon zone

  2. which callsigns are highlighted as needed in DXKeeper's Main and Capture windows and in WinWarbler's QSO Info panel (via bold red font)

  3. which newly-imported QSOs DXKeeper reports as working needed CQ Marathon zones and countries

In the Filter panel at the bottom of the SpotCollector's Main window, check the Mrthn box so that Spot Database Entries "needed" for Marathon will be highlighted with the appropriate font color. Early in the year, the large number of Spot Database Entries "needed" for Marathon can obscure Spot Database Entries needed for other awards; you can temporarily uncheck the Mrthn box to remove the highlighting from entries "needed" for Marathon; be sure to check the Mrthn box after you're done.

The CQ DX Marathon Scoresheet you submit at the end of the year must be for a single Category: Mixed, single-band, or single-mode. However, aggressive competitors may pursue CQ DX Marathon on multiple bands and multiple modes through the course of a year, and then at year-end submit the Mixed, single-band, or single-mode Score Sheet that gives them the best chance for a win. If for the current year CQ DX Marathon

Note: if you change your Marathon DXing objectives and are using SpotCollector highlights active DX stations needed for Marathon, update the "need colorization" of these entries, open the the Spot Database tab of SpotCollector's Config window, and click the Recomp button in the lower-right corner; this will update the highlighting of existing entries in the Spot Database to reflect your updated Marathon objectives.

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