QSLing with an External QSL Generator Like BV7 or HamQSLer or QSLMaker

  1. Set the QSL Via panel on the QSL tab of DXKeeper’s Main window to ADIF file

  2. Using Add Needed and/or Add Requested, populate the QSL Queue with QSOs for which outgoing QSLs should be generated

  3. Click the Save ADIF file button to generate an ADIF file from the QSL Queue

  4. Import the ADIF file created in step 3 into BV7 or HamQSLer or QSLMaker and print the cards
  5. Click the Update Log button, which directs DXKeeper to remove each entry from the QSL Queue and update its associated QSO to indicate that an outgoing card has been generated and (if appropriate) that a confirmation has been requestd.

BV7 is free, and available via http://www.df3cb.com/bv/features.html

HamQSLer is free, and available via http://www.va3hj.ca

QSLMaker is free, and available via http://www.iw5edi.com/ham-radio/?qsl-maker,63

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