Updating Your DXCC Database

This database maps callsigns to DXCC entities and regions within DXCC entities, and provides time zone, CQ zone, ITU zone, IOTA tag, continent, and location information

  1. if you have SpotCollector, DXKeeper, and/or WinWarbler running, terminate them

  2. if you don't have DXView installed, direct the DXLab Launcher to install it

  3. start DXView if its not already running

    1. open DXView's Configuration window, and select its Databases tab

    2. click the New? button

    3. click the DXCC Database's Upgrade button (this also updates the DXCC list used by the current version of WinWarbler)

    4. terminate and restart DXView
  4. If the updated DXCC Database adds, removes, or renames a DXCC entity, then
    1. Run DXKeeper

      1. if you're running the current version of DXKeeper, initiate the Recompute operation when prompted; otherwise, open the Main window's Check Progress tab, and click the Recompute button

      2. if you have more than one Log file, then open each additional Log file and initiate the Recompute operation

    2. Run SpotCollector

      1. open the Configuration window's Spot Database tab and click the Recomp button in the Recomputation panel

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Getting Started with DXLab

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