Processing a DXCC Credit Slip received in response to a DXCC Submission

When the ARRL DXCC desk sends you a Credit Slip showing the results of your submission,

  1. Determine whether or not any of the QSOs you submitted were rejected; if so, then locate each of these QSOs in DXKeeper's Log Page Display and demote its QSL_RCVD or LOTW_QSL_RCVD from S to I (for Invalid).

  2. Display the DXCC Submission window by clicking the Submission button in the DXCC, Challenge, TOP panel on the Main window's Check Progress tab and click its Verify Submission button. This will promote all QSOs whose QSL_RCVD or LOTW_QSL_RCVD item were previously Sto V (for Verified).

  3. Leave the DXCC Submission window open, and click the Check Progress tab's Summary button; in the DXCC Summary window, compare the statistics shown in the Verified column with those on the credit slip received from the DXCC desk . They should match exactly; if they don't, track down and correct the discrepancies before proceeding further.

  4. In the DXCC Submission window, click the Assemble Submission button; this will propose new QSLs to be sent to the ARRL's DXCC desk -- either as alternatives to those marked invalid during step 1 above, or as new confirmations you've received since making your previous submission. If you decide there aren't enough QSOs worth making a submission, simply click the DXCC Submission window's Reset Submission button.



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