Upgrading the DXLab Launcher

To upgrade the DXLab Launcher installed on your PC,

  1. run the Launcher that is installed on your PC and note the version number shown in the title bar of its window

  2. if the version number is greater than 1.5.0, then

    1. click the Config button to open the Configuration window

    2. in the Configuration window's DXLab Apps tab, the Launcher's Available version number will be depicted with red characters if a newer version is available; click the Upgrade button to initiate the upgrade process

    3. a small window will appear, informing you that the Launcher is about to terminate; click its OK button, and the Launcher will terminate

    4. a DXLab Launcher Agent window will appear, informing you that it is waiting for the Launcher to complete its termination (no user interaction with this window is required)

    5. the latest version of the Launcher will appear
  3. if the version number is 1.5.0 or less, then

    1. terminate the Launcher
    2. double-click here to download a self-extracting archive containing the Launcher upgrade

    3. when asked by your browser whether to save or run downloaded file, choose Run

    4. a WinZip Self-Extractor window will appear; in this window,

      1. the UnZip to Folder textbox shows the pathname of the destination folder into which the Launcher upgrade will be placed; if necessary, change this pathname to reference the folder in which the Launcher is installed on your PC

      2. click the UnZip button

    5. run the new DXLabLauncher.exe file now present in the destination folder

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