Determining if a Newer DXLab Launcher Version is available

To determine if a version of the DXLab Launcher is available that is newer than the one installed on your PC,

  1. run the Launcher that is installed on your PC
  2. click the Launcher's Config button to open its Configuration window

  3. click the New ? button in the Configuration window's upper-right corner

  4. in the DXLab Appplications panel, note the color of the characters showing the Launcher's Installed and Available versions

    • if the Available version is shown in red, then a newer version of the Launcher is available, to which you can upgrade

    • if the Installed and Available versions are both shown in black, then you are running the latest public release of the Launcher

    • if the Installed version is shown in blue, then you are running an experimental version of the Launcher that has not been publicly released

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